3 Biggest Risks for 2018 Stock Market Crash!

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Today we discuss the 3 biggest risks for potentially causing a stock market crash in 2018. We have not had a stock crash in almost a decade and is now the time? Hope you enjoy this stock market video!
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IamManchurian says:

what do you think would happen if china goes to a gold backed currency along with the other BRICS countries?

Swanzo says:

I've seen this scenario too many times. Dude why are you in cash? The stock market is going to crash! Another year later why you still in cash man? The stock market is going to crash! Eight years later it finally crashes. See I told you so I told you so!! Dude you missed out on eight years of gains.

Legionary Cohort says:

Can someone explain to me how do you actually buy stocks? I know there are apps like Robinhood where you can do everything through your Iphone but Im not an Apple user. Ive got an android and I live outside the US so I dont believe I can buy a lot of these stocks… Is there like a site I have to register or something? I just want to get started and invest in Coca cola and Nike

RealLife Money says:

I agree, of course these could all create some headwinds. Another thing that I was thinking about is our balance sheet of the country. They are going to try and unwind that. Doesn't seem like anyone knows how to do that so that could trigger something fairly large if it goes wrong. Opinions?


Trump should be focusing on closing tax loopholes, rather than reducing the corporate rate. How can they claim that they’re going to turn tax savings into job creation when they've already been getting hugely reduced tax bills and they’ve been cutting jobs

Rest In Peace Memes says:

It could technically crash any day now, but it is more likely to crash in 2018

Sauce Nino says:

Your hear the founder of alibaba jack ma is selling his shares in the company, should investors be concerned about it?

KkGerman00 says:

Great video, i realy Love your videos
Can you tell me what website do you use to buy stocks,etc? I am from europe and websites like ally dosn't work here
Any advice?

ccinbrooklyn says:

Just wanna say jokes on people who gave Jeremy so much sht about crytos couple weeks ago. At least in the short-term, he was right not to invest!

Nico Z says:

Housing bubble? Student loans?

Gonz0131 says:

China is a bigger danger than N.Korea. There's a transition from China to India underway, which will help deleverage our reliance on China as the world's manufacturing & consumer base.

Wendy Crayon says:

So what should I do with my retirement portfolio in a crash?

quxantipe says:

Another possible riks imo are:
– inflation (I think now the stock market also priced in low inflation, and thus a low % (or yield) devaluation of future profits.)
– interest rates rising pretty steeply (I think now the stock market also priced in continuous low interest costs for businesses. And also plenty people whom don't like investing much have done so with savings because of the extreme low interest rates. Those people might be pulling out/selling their shares when the interest rates go up)

Yanai Mas says:

America needs a tax cut

English Education says:

NK is all talk, even when they build a ICBM, which they will, war is the last thing they will want.

Cutting of corporate taxes, however, I feel will wreck the budget.

Long term America is due for some serious pain unless it can scale back its social spending, which I highly doubt will happen.

MrGiggity890 says:

Can you do a video on the dumbest questions or comments you've ever read in the comments? lol

Learnzz says:

Crash coming this October, as soon as end of this September,I'm calling it. 1987 2017

Poker1989 says:

Minuchin and Trump said he might stop trade with China if they don't comply lol, what a joke that is. There is zero chance Trump will screw himself considering almost all of his and his daughters businesses are over there. This market is WAY overvalued. And the bitcoin craze seems weird. Nobody even knows who created it in the first place lol. Very sketchy. Also, good luck teaching granny how to use bitcoin when most people over 60 don't even know how to use a computer let alone a smartphone.

Brown Devil says:

Have you guys heard about equifax data breach?

MissionForDays96 says:

won't you be able to profit of the crash?

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