BITCOIN TO $2000 or $10,000 NEXT?

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BITCOIN TO $2000 or $10,000 NEXT ?



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i grand says:

People will start selling alt coins to get more bitcoin gold. So btc will be up before fork.

Tomas Panak says:

Think from a really simplistic view… demand & supply… fact: we have a limited supply of coins… fact: it is extremely early and we havent seen mass adoption yet… let me se, limited supply, exponentially growing demand… this can only go one way guys (long term) – disclaimer: this is just my opinion & not trading advice LOL

Regina Hernandez says:

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Marian Sirius says:

Search on google or youtube for Bare Bones BTC V2 and you will find a legit software to double your bitcoins fast without any network confirmations. 😉

Ability says:

Electroneum, a mobile based cryptocurrency can me mined with your phone. Use the link below to get in on the train and get bonus.

2LegHumanist says:

The recent boost we had that drove the price up to $4400 wasn't new money. While the BTC market cap increased, the overall crypto market cap didn't. That shows that the push just came from people moving their money from alt coins to bitcoin.

On the technical side, we're clearly in an ascending wedge and we're most likely to break out of it with a downward move. The daily MACD still shows negative divergence pointing to a downward trend. The daily TD Count hit 9 yesterday and on BTC/EUR it coincided with a four-hour 9. We should expect 3-4 days of downside from today. This also supports the view that we're going to break out to a downward move.

I still think we could see all time highs by the end of the year, but I'm not confident that we'll get there without another big drop. Maybe after the Segwit2X hard fork, but not before.

Cryptopolis says:

Hey Crypto Spark, what's the name of your other YT channel?

PreciousMetalinvest says:

China is on a public holiday right now… watch what happens when they return

Anomaly 123 says:

Block chain technology is a lot more than just currencies. People who only hold bitcoin and think everything else is crap are either in denial or just plain ignorant.

Crypto Ninja says:

Request: pre-ico, what do you think of JSEcoin?

r tg says:

Simple rule to follow if you are a busy person………….if check clears the bank IMMEDIATELY purchase Bitcoin……… If you have time buy the nightly dip watch and do so accordingly. Bottom line- keep your money where you want it. (if you need $20,000 in the morning,,….click…click….hand me my fucking cash) That is your Crypto Spark for today. I am looking at a 1999 Trans Am later today……Click…Click……DONE……..

teyen101 says:

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Derek Oldfield says:

You are one of the best in the business Crypto Spark! I like your rational thinking.

Ray Liu says:

so we wait and see. make sure you are prepared for either situation

Donations BITCOIN says:

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chrisiden says:

dont forget when this so called hard fork hits bitcoin we all get a Dividend… maybe as high as Bitcash, like 500 or more, which will pull up the price of Bitcoin… and then when b gold starts dropping in price we watch Bitcoin rising moving like a speeding bullet to Crypton! …. going to touch 7,000 and slamming back down to 3850-4300 support level… then coming back surely to all time highs by christmas… live the dream… buy bitcoin… when bitcoin goes up make sure u trade it for sleepy head litecoin… litecoin gets the Halfing in 2019 and may reach 200-600… ltc is Not going away… its been around since the beginning of btc (charlie lee tried to improve ltc by making it faster and less expensive… now there is atomic swaps with litecoin soon…) next year will b great for btc and ltc… 2019 great for litecoin 2020 wonderful for bitcoin holders, as it will finally make all the Media news with Gigantic Unheard of Highs… bringing in lots of new money and people… the future world is being built on the blockchain and the banks certainly dont want to miss out… why did jamie dimon buy so much bitcoin the other week after telling many on the media it was fraud and a scam? … becuase he and his people already know that Bitcoin cant b stopped and is the Dighital Gold of the future! Buy Bitcoin! even if its only 2 dollars worth… do a cost average when u can.. buy hold and think positive! 🙂

chrisiden says:

lol, i dont think it will go back to 2000 unless the govt pulls some crazy Sh*t… next stop is testing 5k and off to 6888 and then….. yes then…. it will come tumbling back all the way to 4000! so dont worry and no fud… we are on the way up now since most of us have nothing to lose if it goes back to 4000! stay pumped… be a Cryptonault! 🙂

Ramakant Sharma says:

Bitcoin again highly crashed it will come under $2500…it is comming lets see after 3 weeks…

almanacaa says:

Too many permabulls, going down and sideways before up.

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