Join me for cocktails tonight at the Boca Beach Club before we kick off training Saturday, 2 great trades this week – [More]
As the market sold off yesterday afternoon & volatilize popped we stepped in and get bearish by selling a VXX weekly bear [More]
Trump blasts $200B more at China as tit for tat gets worse… VIX calls from the past couple weeks printing money, oil [More]
Liberal media bury IG report as it proves FBI & DOJ personnel committed treason & sedition – so the FBI will shut [More]
As we predicted last week, the market is rolling over on trade war fears (again…) as the VIX is up 10%, big [More]
Close AMZN bull put spread, add new WYNN bear call spread, ARREST all these dirty FBI agents & Hillary for TREASON, markets [More]
Trump narrows the trade deficit, AMZN hits 1700, WYNN implodes and it’s time to get/add to a long Jan20 posit, VIX smash [More]
EU & China haven’t fired their next trade war shot but all quiet for now, jobs and earnings BEAT, new AMZN bull [More]
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The world goes ape shit that Trump does what he says and wants to look out for Americans (gasp!), new XOM bear [More]
Market sees a ‘relief rally’ today as strategic issues simmer around the world, take profits on AMZN weekly bull put spread (55%/$1100 [More]
Harvey faces justice a day after we see what makes America GREAT, Trump has to deal with Obama’s mess with China & [More]
NK playing checkers as Trump plays chess, WYNN nearly $6k in profits in 3 trades, dogfighting the AMZN weekly options trade today, [More]
VIP slots closing FAST for the Boca Traders Conference, Trump cancels some B52s and the market doesn’t care (for now…), short WYNN [More]
Getting long vol, short WYNN, long AMZN, long VIX, time for the Boca Traders Conference
As predicted yesterday the market stalls today and vol spikes as FB & V bear call spreads come into profitability and we [More]
Market rallies on strong jobs report, Buffett plows into $AAPL, watch for dead cat bounce back down to $SPX $SPY 200DMA
AMZN fully operational Death Star as we predicted in Oct when we said ditch FB/AAPL and roll into AMZN, looking at WYNN [More]
Taking a loss on being long vol this week…go figure… Russia points the chem flag at the UK, Mueller and Comey have [More]
Top Gun Options & Whiz Intro, Strategic/Operational/Tactical methodology, 7 Step Proprietary Trade Plan
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Trump can win for losing with his critics as he agrees to meet NK Simple Jack, trade war! (except with our allies), [More]
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Legging into JPM iron condor, FXI Jan20 synthetic stock, Navy C-2 crash,
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Mixed earnings on tech stocks as AMZN prints money, good call to ditch AAPL and FB
Volmageddon continues as more short vol funds liquidate and others scramble to cover by getting long, government shutdown part deux looms, reverse [More]
Mixed earnings after strong earnings, the swamp is strong with the Dems/Clinton’s, AAPL and SPX iron condors