“Wall Street Geniuses” can’t talk this market lower, YUGE tax relief coming, SPX bull put spread from yesterday’s Urgent Alert up $550, [More]
Blistering ADP number, nearly 300k during Trump’s first month in office (how do you like them apples Barry?), Fed rate hike 100% [More]
Whiz nails the HC debacle as a buying opportunity, GS and SPX trades, on to tax reform, oil gives stocks a boost
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Nice $1300/76% gain in 4 days on SPX iron condor, market flat awaiting Dow 20k (yawn), still time to buy vol
Busy week of earnings, Fed meeting, macro economic data, 2 week test flight into Top Gun Options live trading
Tech earnings blowouts (except AMZN…is that still a tech stock?), VIX smashed to 19 year lows (because everything is GREAT! or not…), [More]
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AAPL crushes it, ADP comes in hot, Fed meeting, oil rises on lies, long Goldman Sachs
Only 9 annual Full Throttle slots remain, final live trading session – Trading Weekly Options – is at 1 PM today, AMZN, [More]
Whiz alters his strategic mindset and commit criteria when it comes to trading weekly options under the Trump administration, SPX bear call [More]
Market wallows as expected today, now is the time for action, XOM and AAPL trades this week, oil rise on supply reduction, [More]
New Urgent Alert Bull Put Spread and Portfolio Review on DIS FXI JPM XLF
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Nation gets a mud bath in politics/”journalism”, what do politics have to do with the market? (nothing…that’s why you’re not a member…), [More]
S&P500 breaks 2200 with Dow at record highs, GS trade up $3700/8% in ONE week, oil stays up on OPEC, Full Throttle [More]
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Review of FXI, DIS, JPM, SPX and VXX existing portfolio positions
Intel hearings are a joke, China fights the dollar, might look at FXI again next week along with defense stocks,market heads higher [More]
SPX, XLE, and AAPL trades, NFP miss but previous month revised up and best earnings growth since 2009,Trump Top Secret Tirade
Closing tomorrow’s 2245/2250 for a 35% loss, portfolio review of JPM, DIS, FXI, AAPL
SPX bull put spread, long vol, 2016 forgot Soros, oil build bigger than expected, looking forward to 2017!
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