Bullish double vertical on VXX, good/bad job numbers, conflicting smart money guesses on where market goes from here (hint – up! until [More]
Whiz debriefs the 3 shots/3 kills from last week and adds to more SPX bear call spreads to his weekly options portfolio.
Trump tweets (again), filled on SPX weekly bull put spread, AAPL iPhone Q1 sales suspect, financials more room to run, bearish on [More]
Taking nice one day profit in SPX bull put spread, opening AMZN bull put spread, Trump hangover doesn’t mean there won’t be [More]
Kicking off an entire week of live trading and training tonight at 8 PM http://go.topgunoptions.om/joinft Looking at SPX weekly bull put spread [More]
Trump wines, Janet soothes, I sell into dovish pop from Janet, EWZ and jail time for Lula, AAPL and Komrade Tim Cook [More]
Market at all time highs, vol all time lows, low volume, mixed earnings and macro data…what could go wrong?! Great trading session [More]
Brady proves once again what an incredible man he is, premarket movers JPM, DIS, TIF, weekly options live trade brief at 1 [More]
JPM beats hard as we predicted, still a good buy at this price, oil stable, fallout from the Wed mud wrestling continues [More]
Whiz reviews his bio and the history of TGO along with the performance of his model portfolios. He also reviews the S/O/T [More]
The market finally wakes up after Whiz sells Trump weeks ago, thank God for an overseas trip, 50 DMA & lucky strike [More]
50 slots are now officially open and they are going fast, will be gone by Friday. http://go.topgunoptions.com/getft
It’s the end of the world as we know it…, politics moving the market, banks lower on earnings warnings, SPX bear call [More]
SPX and AAPL weekly options trades hit max profit of $5500, 50 DMA resistance continues, French elections, N. Korea still hot, soft [More]
OWS kicks off today at 430, VXX bullish double vertical, SPX through 50 DMA.
If you loved GS at 245 you gotta love it at 233, I would add to existing position here or add new [More]
AIG puts the Hancock where it belongs, oil breaks 50…look out below…world events on the brink, SPX bull put spread, XLE bear [More]
N. Korea & Syria getting warmer, need to hedge!, Full Throttle In Brief is available to view and is a MUST watch, [More]
Goldman proves once again that they print money in any market condition (because they most likely made the market do that), bad [More]
Market back on upward flight path, GS continues to impress, need portfolio hedges, oil breaks 50, Trump Twitter battle.
Liberals and dems have a bad day with Trump being right about being under surveillance and a terrorist attack by what the [More]
Meeting time in PB (don’t expect much), Full Throttle slots open, close SPX bear call spread from yesterday for $1100/98% profit, holding [More]
Weekly Options session is canceled for today but Whiz will conduct a debrief of 2016 and brief of 2017 at 1 PM. [More]
“Wall Street Geniuses” can’t talk this market lower, YUGE tax relief coming, SPX bull put spread from yesterday’s Urgent Alert up $550, [More]
Blistering ADP number, nearly 300k during Trump’s first month in office (how do you like them apples Barry?), Fed rate hike 100% [More]
Whiz nails the HC debacle as a buying opportunity, GS and SPX trades, on to tax reform, oil gives stocks a boost
Whiz covers a 3 Mar SPX bull put spread and opens up a 2 week test flight for new members: http://go.topgunoptions.com/aboutinttrial Or [More]
Nice $1300/76% gain in 4 days on SPX iron condor, market flat awaiting Dow 20k (yawn), still time to buy vol