2 new trades in the PLTB this morning, out of China postions, vol smashed as the world burns so time to buy [More]
Vol trades worked out nicely, market heading for 200DMA?, more VXX trades to come – both bullish and bearish, market getting used [More]
Whiz kicks off a full week or live trading and training with a Welcome Aboard Brief and portfolio review.
Whiz and Doug Debrief the entire week of live trading and training called Full Throttle, and review their trades. Whiz places a [More]
FINAL DAY of Full Throttle at 1 PM – Weekly Options Live Trade Brief, financials still a buy, oil on the burner, [More]
Revolving door between GS and DC opens again, oil cheaters, tech heavies called to the Tower, AAPL bull put spread, final Full [More]
Day 2 of Full Throtttle started with PLTB at 9 am where Whiz placed a bull put spread on SPX and previewed [More]
OPEC reaches a deal no one will live up to, Trump Treasury pick vows to help WS, good ADP number means we [More]
Thank God it’s almost over… Short VXX postion, test lfight slots open, the initial market reaction tomorrow may not be the right [More]
Dirty Cop Commey “clears” Clinton magically befor ethe election, sell into the rip your face off rally in EWW, no real macro [More]
Market takes a well deserved rest this Veterans Day, JPM and GS trades won’t stop climbing, SPX bull put spread on the [More]
Podesta ia a witch, why freakout over FB, smash the 200DMA and we’re going to 2000 on SPX, Citi panics, oil folies.
Join Whiz at 1 PM today for a special emergency trading session where he will add some post election VXX and FB [More]
We’re in a recession…wait for it, oil all over the place, long AAPL, RUT looking to shed the yoke of Obama
Market flat on low volume, XLE and AAPL weekly trades, OPEC member countries are dumb, Happy Thanksgiving.
Market takes a rest after a good week, OPEC optimistic (as usual), live trading at 1 PM, FB, JPM, GS trades
S&P500 and Russell 2k on a tear, oil pops on “rumors” of an agreement (sold!), XLE bull put spread, Fed 100% certain [More]
Merger Monday pop fades as we trade both sides, oil below 50 XLE bull put spread, election & media lies
Advanced instructor and vol arb trader Doug Robertson placed earnings trades on NFLX and FB. Whiz made a special announcement, opening quarterly [More]
VXX bullish double vertical for the election, follows 2 VXX trades that made $12k around the Fed meeting and over $6,000 today [More]
China takes over the world, domestic mergers, SPX bear call spread as well sell into this pop, events on tap for the [More]
Matthew kisses FL, annoys Whiz, day 4 of Full Throttle kicks off with Weekly Options at 1 PM, jobs suck – thanks [More]
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Grab your slot now for our next Full Throttle program go.topgunoptions.com/full-throttle SPX bull put spread, XLE bear call spread on OPEC “deal”, [More]
Market rally fades on OPEC deal (even if it’s signed in ink it won’t happen), GS clown car on oil price, WFC [More]
We nailed the over zealous reaction to more Fed double speak, sell weekly SPX bear call spread, oil issues, getting long vol [More]
Market way too quiet for where it is, all eyes on the Fed, Janet on Friday, oil “hopes”, PLTB at 9 AM.
Whiz disagrees with 5 traders on Monday and nails it, unwinding SPX and VXX trades, live trading session tomorrow at 1 PM [More]