Fibonacci Trading Institute – Alla Peters: 22 Emini S&P 500 Fibonacci Trades Summary

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Fibonacci Trading Institute with head trader Alla Peters
E-mini S&P 500 today April 25 tortured us to the core with endless corrective moves.
It had been extremely slow market as bullish rally 230 points later reached ultimate highs Fibonacci Reversal Levels on long term charts.

This morning right at the market open: S&P first trade 2 points later reached key target at Fibonacci Resistance Decision Point 2.

It took a while as S&P danced in endless corrections before next trade set up played out.
Long on S&P Emini reached key Fibonacci Resistance at 1.5 pts and price continued respecting this level for the next 40 minutes until finally S&P blasted through until next target. This trade had shown clearly once again the importance of playing by the rules and respecting Fibonacci Levels.
As Decision Point 1 is Fibonacci Level , which acts is most important Resistance that identifies the end of the minor trend.
This Fibonacci Level is always present as trend always forms minor trend.


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