Fundamentals of Price Action Trading for Forex, Stocks, Options and Futures

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aquariun Lo says:

What is 500 Tick? Is that the time frame?

juan diaz says:

You should really have more subscribers!! Your videos are awsome!

Music Videos says:

Thanks for posting ! Nice video, very well and patiently explained. Filled a lot of gaps for me ! Sure I'm gonna face the market stronger next morning. Cheers from France.

Simple Ton says:

when does this guy pull the trigger ?

Paulo Justiniano says:

Thats a lot of risk on CL ( 48-49 minutes) 5 points on CL is 50K, I do not believe is safe for new traders to risk this amount of money on any given trade unless 50k is 1% of their account. Anyways great presentation, I really enjoyed it!

Luke Austin says:

You are a real diamond in the rough. Glad I found you this evening.

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