I Lost $312 Trading Stocks From A Simple Mistake | Investing 101

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Ashfaq Sheikh says:

I don't believe in using either 'stop loss' or 'take profit'. If the market had turned around and you had ended up making a profit, you would have been glad that you missed putting the stop loss. Right?

Krishna Modak says:

This is why I left Robinhood for good before this happened to me

mark says:

Great Job owning up to your mistake.  You get my respect.  Keep up the good work !!!

Cesar Robles says:

What indicators do you consider when you are looking at stock?


Stock Traper says:

It happens bro .you win some you lose some part of the game .

avgJones says:

Ricky is human!

kikilicious99 says:

I've had a few similar situations with Robinhood. Stop limit only works one way. It makes sure to sell at the price you put in when it's a gain, never letting it rise above that amount. When It's the other way around, they'll let your stock plummet way below the stop limit you set as a safety net. It's extremely frustrating. Sorry for your loss.

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