My Newest Millionaire Student Reviews The Best Stocks Now

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Penny stocks are ON FIRE this week and it’s the exact same patterns as those outlined in my so you better study up and learn from how my student sees the market right now!


Patrick Roberts says:

"First green day, second green day, or third green day — as long as they're holding major support, I will always considering dip buy before I go short". Adding to the list of principles. "Always respect your risk/rewards" — I'm learning that this is a timeless principle. Thanks for the video!

SoLit CantQuit says:

if you can understand any of the random shit this guy says more power to you but it's a waste of time seriously there is no structure to this video it's just start filming and talk which he can't do very well

israel cardoza says:

i missed out, even though i was looking at IZEA and was about too go ALL OUT when it was below $2.00 smh

Koren Chestikov says:

Tim is one of the best mentors.
If you are serious study with tim.
Good luck

Happyhouse Design Studio says:

Very useful! Thanks Steven

Cobby Hemade says:

I watched your older videos, and i must say your English has so much improved especially for an Asian

Joe George says:

thx Dux and Tim S. sat behind Dux at the recent TIS in Orlando. great guy always willing to help newer traders.

predat0r says:

None of these stocks are easy to borrow. It must feel good to be rich and have the opportunity to short.

chewie dawg says:

Thanks , great lesson Steven !

Than Chau says:

Hi Steven Dux. Thank you so much for your video lesson. It's help me understand much more.

Wouter Makkinje says:

May I ask what the specific differences between the Silver subscription and the Millionaire challenge are?

Dinesh Sandhu says:

I am indian and I have open a account in this market and trade it's can you help me

Marcus Chan says:

Tim, how do you know when a stock is having a "pullback" or it is actually a "fail to breakout/hold support" or is it an experience thing?

Tenzin Dasal says:

Congratulations tim

viliam nassar says:

Thnank you Tim for everything just finished reading American hedge fund started it today my eyes are reeeedddd but its cool love your story be ready for me soon i will be your millionair students i know it.

Cortez Hawthorne says:

I was in that last big trade when it was like this.This stock is awesome.

Noah Jackson says:

🔥 Thank you!

Cortez Hawthorne says:

It's going to $17.00 flat out. Great video.

Adventure with ME! PM says:

Tim,bro..please give your dvd knowledge free of cost bro..please I'm poor guy..please

Antonio Hawkins says:

Awesome Steven 🤘🏽

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