October Has the WORST Stock Market Crashes EVER! Is the October Curse Going to Happen?

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The Money GPS says:

What do you think will be the catalyst for the next FINANCIAL CRASH?

Less is More! says:

it more sept/okt/nov.

Darrell Scrogham II says:

Love your work. Can you give us a link copies of you graphs? please and thank you.

Diogenes Laertius says:

Get used to it? YOU get used to it. Ill resist.

Diogenes Laertius says:

Lol, no,its not a fact if it were youd have poisted proof. You have no proof because there isnt any because its not true.

andrewdean3 says:

Who cares about the stock market. Buy crypto. That is the future!

Ruby Honey says:



Nerdie geek computer engineers are making robot replacements for our labor (and our love) because human laborers are too defective wasteful unethical and have infectious contamination (life) in our food and waste streams. .


If banks stop robbing the clients and business are using robots to work efficiently and ethically by not robbing the businesses in all the small ways that a human might, think how much money will not be lost use to human inefficiencies and lack of ethics.

pAULEE says:

hi ! firstly thank you to read my comment, please read it sir.
ok : Did you know SegWit in Bitcoin will now allow fractional reserve sidechains to be possible?
Bitcoin has been completely changed by the Bilderberg Group . Bilderberg gave 75Million dollars to the Company Blockstream , and Blockstream are run by and employ the key Bitcoin Core Developers.
the 75Million has allowed and bought a lot of lies into the Bitcoin sphere. People are now talking about Bitcoin banks being a thing.
The Original Bitcoin Code was preserved in the hardfork known as Bitcoin Cash. HATED by the current speculators and Bitcoin Core , a Key player in supporting this Coin is the Brilliant Dr. Craig S Wright, the mathematician who was outed by Wired Magazine last year as being non other than Satoshi Nakamoto , the creator of Bitcoin .
Craig has done pretty much all he can to stay out of the limelight , and does not wish to be known as Satoshi Nakamoto .
Craig Wright has developed some very interesting things for Bitcoin ! He told the Core developers years ago that Bitcoin was Turing Complete, like a way of encoding which would allow for smart contracts ( like ethereum) , and core laughed and joked at him, saying it was impossible. well get this : Craig Wright had been testing wolfram cellular automata quietly within the code for years, until the large fees killed them off last year 🙁
Many people truly believe this math-genius to be Satoshi . Again sidechains, atomic swaps, fractional reserve sidechains, all possible now on the segwit btc bitcoin, it has been completely destroyed in what it set out to do.
thank you @The Money GPS !

Steven Aubin says:

How is secured debt garbage? Maybe for govt's but not companies. If companies fail debenture and bond holders get everything all physical assets which always remain. Someone wins with distressed debt. Take twin Butte in Canada, stock holders got nothing, but debenture holders got 5x there money.

bob78145 says:

Canadian gold, one of the world ''richess country'' its  gold ends up in England or the US !!

fat guy no more says:

What's coming…. An interest rate increase… Will cause a considerable financial increase to the cost of borrowing money… Or no rate increase, and the us dollar drops… And my money becomes useless…
The stock market may look like it's going up. But your buying power is dropping faster.
Smart things… Hard assets that have future value. Something they can't take away from you.

Daveyy says:

10k short for october, october only have 3 years positive result whatever happen Shouldnt lose any money!

Infor Mation says:

In a perfect world robots are fantastic.. we would need no money. The Geeks would build an maintain the robots as a hobby and get cred.. and everybody else would just enjoy life.
But.. we do not live in a perfect world…. (yet)

Karl Hayman says:

Live within your means and erase your debt.

Moussaoui Ahmed says:


Kadz Daman says:

The ftse 100 is set to automatically shut down if it drops more than 10% … so needs to be a slow drop

wayne mcclory says:

This October ! Whole World is now buying gold .

wayne mcclory says:

Open your eyes and LOOK ! All countries and all markets including every sector is in a bubble! Banks,car loans, education, peoples monthly household finances, ECT !!!! Buying physical gold and silver is a must ! (Oh yes the OCTOBER ) .

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