Robinhood Challenge | Teaching Strangers How To Trade Penny Stocks

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RageRay says:

Kinda miss the simplicity of RH

Scott Warren says:

What were the buy and sell prices? I couldn't hear.

NassimTheDream says:

What’s that specific RSI study that you added on TOS that determines whether the stock is oversold or undersold? (On bottom of TOS screen)

Diego Lerma says:

how much did he end up making with those 2 trades?

Luis Estrada says:

Haha dope vid Ricky be cool to trade with you.

msms010 says:

Hello Ricky, why should one buy with a limit buy and not a market buy? Snr question when selling.

Rod Tolosa says:

i been watching and after this video i think im opening an account. thx

GreyMatterMack says:

Great video! Love the live trades, learned so much so far!

Leo Castro says:

Dam! Your full of surprises! Good luck

gstylez0107 says:

wtf is up with this "lesson library" you keep braggin about? The link just takes me to a sign up page tryin to sell me your 300 dollar lesson plan. Where are the free ones? How can I trust this is legit if all I keep seeing is sales pitch?

Robert A says:

I don't know if you'll see this, but YOU are my sole inspiration for success. I'm a couple years younger than you and my journey is just beginning, but you make me want to better myself every day so I too one day can have my own Mclaren

imhoooks says:

Technically not a stranger then? Also do you not read the time and sales when trading?

Thomas Frey says:

The Glitch Mob. Good song.

Jackson Tide says:

Love it man keep it up👍🏻

NewRegionFilms says:

nice work, very informative, i do "how to" videos on my youtube channel as well. However mine are comedy skits.

Tony Self says:

Great video! Haha "Maybe"

Jodie Wade says:

Yes please lead by example you changed my life and I believe you can change others.


I appreciate you making these kind of videos man you've been helping me learn a lot, excited to make my first trade! Cheers from Florida!

Alejandro Morales says:

Love this keep making this videos

Marcelino Gomez says:

Come to NC Ricky, my Robinhood account could use some positive sells….lol

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