Stock Market Crash Incoming?! Plus a Wealthfront update!

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Lot’s of people talking about a looming economic downturn. What does this mean for you?

Tony Robbins Interview:
Joe Rogan & Peter Schiff:

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Phil says:
I started June 1, 2017 and as of today, 9/6/2017, time weighted is 3.2% risk tolerance is 8.0. Most of money goes to foreign stock. It influenced a lot from geographical issue such as N.Korea. But, I think it is ok. I subscribed your channel after I joined wealthfront and I learned a lot from you. Thank you for the video!! Keep it up!!

Damon Ingles says:

Wow! I am surprised that you're only at 12%. I've made it to almost 17% Putting 100 dollars every two weeks, also I moved my risk form 7 to 9.
(Nine is best, trust me) 😉

Jesse R says:

Thanks to you I joined Wealthfront 5 months ago and choose a risk level of 7.0 which has me up to 6.2%. I don’t have a lot of money in there, most of it is in other retirement accounts but I've been pretty happy with Wealthfront results. I’m also the school of thought to buy when the market is down and wait it out.
If anyone new wants to sign up use my code below to get your first $15,000 managed for free.
Thank you and remember to pay it forward!

Mango Archer says:

I started my Wealthfront account for about a month, not long enough to have any significant gain (less than 1%) or dividend. But seeing my account total balance goes up a couple dollars, it is very exciting. I mean, this is much better than getting few cent a month from having a couple thousand dollar sitting in a regular saving account.

If you looking to start investing this upcoming economic downturn or in general, please consider use my referral link get an additional $5,000 managed free. I am very appreciate for your support and very happy for you deciding to investing for your future.

John Cross says:

Always enjoy your videos, however your getting finical advise from Joe Rogan ?!?!?

Make Finance Great Again says:

Taxation is THEFT!

Adam Motter says:

Coming up on my 4 month mark with a 6.5 risk I'm up 4.7% as of right now.
Not much in the account, so I'll be riding things out.

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