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Whiz knocks out a portfolio review of DIS, FXI, JPM, VXX, and XLF and adds a new SPX bull put spread
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New Urgent Alert Bull Put Spread and Portfolio Review on DIS FXI JPM XLF
Review of FXI, DIS, JPM, SPX and VXX existing portfolio positions
Closing tomorrow’s 2245/2250 for a 35% loss, portfolio review of JPM, DIS, FXI, AAPL
Whiz reviews existing positions in the UA model portfolio and adds a new bull put spread on AAPL.
The HOLY GRAIL of trading systems is here. To date I have made The Evolution System available to the general public for [More]
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Make sure register at Urget Alert on XLF, long call diagonal. Review current positions FXI, JPM, DIS
Portfolio review of DIS, JPM, FXI
FXI long call diagonal with protective put added to the Urgent Alert portfolio today.
Trades on FB, JPM, DIS, FXI, SPX
Review on current UA positions and new trade on FXI
WCIs Chief Market Strategist Matthew Buckley adds a May bear call spread (credit spread) to the Primary Trade Alert Model Portfolio, which [More]