10/24/2008 – CNBC Stock Market Opening Bell (Stock Futures Hit Limit Down).
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US sharemarkets fell again on Monday as traders debated how low prices needed to fall to attract fresh buying interest. The energy [More]
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The EU decision to charge AAPL 14 billion in taxes spooked the big NASDAQ stocks, which in turn became a drag on [More]
How low will a stock go? Catching bottoms in a stock that is free-falling aggressively is very hard. There are no indicators [More]
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The stock market had one of its largest sell-offs in several months after weak economic data from emerging markets, and a slow [More]
Giant corporations like Apple, Disney, Netflix, and CBS closed down at 7% driven by fears of low price of oil and the [More]
Financial analyst Michael Pento warns, “The market is extremely overvalued. If revenue and earnings growth is negative, if global growth is falling, [More]
Some crazy Lock limit Down Action that I haven’t witnessed since the peak of the Financial Crisis. Contrary to what most people [More]
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