Today, we looked at a few USD charts, but with only interest on a couple; CHF/JPY is readying for a move, gold [More]
Futures Market Outlook – Hubert Senters 5/7/2014
Futures Market Outlook – Hubert Senters 10/15/2014
Futures Market Outlook – Hubert Senters 7/9/2014
Today, we discussed the pivotal point crude oil is coming up on, gold’s indecisive price action, and once again jittery stock markets. [More]
In this session, we checked in on several major markets and the technical/trading outlook; gold range, oil still bullish, indices bullish but [More]
Futures Market Outlook – Hubert Senters 9/24/2014
Jim Prince with GBE, the Greatest Business on Earth, in this video shares his review of the June e-mini S&P 500 for [More]
In this session, we looked at the technical positioning of several key markets and how price action could play out in the [More]
Today, we looked at a developing technical pattern in the US Dollar Index, pullback in cable, a few NZD pairs, along with [More]
In this session, we focused on both the short and intermediate-term technical positioning of U.S. indices, crude oil after making new highs, [More]
Today, we looked at the sudden spike in volatility into unusually high territory and what it could be signaling; along with the [More]
Today, we focused on the ongoing USD bounce, gold weakness, along with updates on equities and oil.
Futures Market Outlook – Hubert Senters 11/12/2014
The US dollar remains vulnerable as we head into today’s FOMC meeting, a couple of key cross-rates have set-ups in them.
Today, we looked at trading biases for precious metals, copper, crude oil, and global equity indices. Currency Strategist Michael Boutros highlights featured setups we’re tracking into this week’s Fed interest rate decision. Here are the updated targets [More]
Futures Market Outlook – Hubert Senters 4/2/2014
Technical Strategist Michael Boutros reviews price action in the aftermath of the FOMC and examples of our trading methodology in practice. #news [More]
DailyFX Senior Currency Strategist Christopher Vecchio, CFA reviews the performance of markets in the first half of the week, as well as [More]
The market is on technical sell signals, what does this mean?
Today, we briefly discussed today’s FOMC meeting, but focused primarily on the technical landscape of USD-pairs, cross-rates, and touched on commodities & [More]
Which way is the market headed? Is gold looking toppy? And where is the NASDAQ going?
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In this webinar, we discussed the technical landscape ahead of today’s FOMC announcement. @PaulRobinsonFX