Throwback To My Hottest Student Making $7,000+ On A Trade

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I can’t even keep up with as today as I’m posting this throwback trade recap, he made $25,000 and has now passed $270,000 in profits, will do a newer video shortly showing his recent trades, but this is still good to learn from too…go apply at to learn to be my next top student


virtuallad06 says:

I got a boot in the sack during the week after doing so well…. Me refusing to accept a loss cost me not entirely but really booted me in the sack… Need to learn to pace myself and therefore I must learn to accept losses

videos says:

hi Tim, hi Roland.. it's good stuff however if I could add just one little thing to perhaps improve the understanding (especially for the beginners ) I would emphasize the risk parameter of every single trade. of course it is very important to explain the reasons for every trade and the target profits but I think it is equally important also to talk about the risk/money management aspect of the trade since it is so primordial. just my two cents…

Ruben E says:

thanks guys very helpful

omer aq says:

Hey Tim, I want to start buying penny stocks where should i start from ? Any website or app where i can start buying n selling penny stocks?

Pickle Rick says:

How can I became a student of yours… Really looking forward to it.

Teddy Conill says:

I really want to learn this

jay hawkins says:

Tim, when do you think the bull market might end ?

Would appreciate a thought, if you have time. Awesome video btw, as always!

Robert Paulo says:

Nice promoted stock play.

Kiks says:

@Timothy Sykes Hey tim I'm 19 and currently at school but I've been dying to learn already. I wanted to ask your personal opinion and anyone else's if I should either buy the "How to make millions" DVD first or trying your Pennystock silver. Its just money is a bit tight right now so I wanted to know which you think I should try first.

Claud says:

Incredible, thanks for the inspiration

Просто Джонни says:

thanks for the diligence bro!

MyAcresOfDiamonds says:

talkin bout that new rich

jeremiah johnson says:

Thank you sir

Kygor says:

Hey Tim, did you invest in Apple for the new iPhone release?

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