Today in Bitcoin News (2017-09-29) – Unsupported Forks – New ETFs – the House always wins

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NO2X Is the New UASF: Bitcoin’s New Anti-Big Block Movement Gains Steam – Bitsonline

Xapo: You Can Have Your Bitcoin Cash, but We’re Not Supporting It – Bitsonline

LocalBitcoins to Compensate Users for ‘Bcash’ Holdings, Will Not Support Future Forks

BennyP on Twitter: “As a person who spends their days teaching new #bitcoin users, this is going to cause confusion/mistakes. Perhaps change the logo? @BitPay”

John Newbery on Twitter: “When you fire core, I presume you’re also going to …”

Backers withdraw two proposals to list U.S. bitcoin funds

ProShares files for bitcoin ETF, and one to bet against it

Tony Robbins says investing in bitcoin is like ‘going to Vegas’

Tony Robbins – Wikipedia

Why Does the House Always Win? A Look at Casino Profitability | Investopedia

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vahDEEM viktor says:

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TheBozinski says:

Thomas Hunt channeling John McLaughlin. He would approve. Thumbs up!

Hope4Today9 Now says:

What no punch cards in that museum?????

Hope4Today9 Now says:

China will not unban bitcoin exchanges until after North Korean situation has been resolved.

The Design Flaw says:

I want to start out by saying I love you guys and have been watching for a long time. But it's getting harder and harder.

Look, Every time you two, who are admitted holders of bitcoin, say that "all ICOs are scams", you leave yourselves open to a libel/defamation lawsuit someday. You are accusing every one of these companies of fraud. Some are scams, for sure. But some are legitimate companies with legitimate tokens/coins and all they are trying to do is innovate. By lumping them all together and accusing them of fraud, you may be lowering the market cap of that company's token. It can be argued (true or false) that your motivation to knowingly lie (you know ALL of these companies aren't involved in fraud) is to increase the value of the bitcoin you hold by falsely (at least in some cases) disparaging the reputation of a legitimate business, and helping to slosh capital from the market cap of that coin/token to the one you hold. I'm not saying you'd lose a case like this, I'm just saying there is enough to bring a suit.

Can't you guys just be more informed or more specific? Your opinions are largely uninformed when it comes to specific tokens. If you know of a scam coin, call it out and say why. That's fine. But this generalizing is bad for innovation and bad for your channel's credibility and I think it's bad for the crypto space in general. Most ICOs will fail. They will fail because most businesses fail. But a scam or fraud are very specific things and accusing a company of that (or ALL companies in this case) is a very serious legal accusation. If you want to be a legitimate news outlet… act legitimate. Be accurate or don't say anything at all.

Or just take "crypto" out of your name and be the World Bitcoin Network and stop talking about ICOs all together.

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Alex says:

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Seem to have Forgotten my name says:

Was that a Texas instruments Ti99 I saw in the glass cabinet?? I have one of those still!

william mckeever says:

If a new ETF comes online for Bitcoin and you as an investor can't take delivery of Bitcoin it probably means that the fund is leasing the coin or doesn't have first claim against the coin which means you are not buying the coin.

Again if you don't hold the coin you don't own the coin.

william mckeever says:

VER just said infrastructure being buiit up around bcash. GOOD! Now holders of bcash who could not.access their fake coin to sell it… CAN.

william mckeever says:

ETF only good for Bitcoin if the Fund actually buys Bitcoin. Synthetic coin doesn't help at all and could actually be used to control/manipulate the price of Bitcoin.

William Cairo says:

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Kay C says:

This is all normal, its just part of the actual growth of Bitcoin, first it;s left alone cause it's chap then everyone wants it then governments wants to infest it and mess it all up, and then US…WE and a movement move Bitcoin to where it needs to be, after all said and done, Bitcoin Wins and the new Evolution of Money can settle in. Couple years guys couple years. Just be patient.

Cryptocurrbit says:

BCH is Trash

GuitarFan7 says:

So if s. Korea and potentially the usa ban cryptos, are even more countries going to follow suit? Are you optimistic about them?

Derek Oldfield says:

Good call. Bullish at $4050. Right now BTC is at $4200. Nice!

Jeremy Sager says:

0:27 Top stories
5:43 Market update & ICO bans – Tone Vays
13:20 BTrash legality & price – Tone & Thomas
19:20 Travel schedule update – Tone
21:35 Travel schedule update – Thomas

daved PrimeDice says:

i used tape games on my computer and disk games 🙂

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