Webinar: Mid-Week Trading Q&A: Expectations for USD Through FOMC Minutes, CPI on Friday: 10/11/17

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DailyFX Senior Currency Strategist Christopher Vecchio, CFA reviews the performance of markets in the first half of the week, as well as the outlook for key FX pairs in the second half.

The first few days of the week have been rather quiet, again, as the economic calendar has been largely quiet out of Europe and North America on Monday and Tuesday.

Now that we’re hitting the middle of the week, there are some opportunities for spurts of volatility through Friday. The September FOMC minutes later on Wednedsay, for example, should bring significant attention to the US Dollar.

Other topics covered include:

– Why is the Euro’s resiliency tied to the ECB’s plans to taper its QE program?
– What are current rate expectations for the timing of the Fed’s next hike?
– What key relationship guiding the US Dollar over the past three weeks has started to breakdown?



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