What Will Happen To Crypto During A Stock Market Crash?

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RuninWithScisrs says:

The next crash is coming from the revolving and unsecured debt. This also includes student loans here in the US. Its at its all time high and the current income doesnt support the lending.

Ken Semotiuk says:

Cryptos and the stock market are two lovers that will hand in hand together fall off of a cliff together!

Loic Hanggeli says:

Hello, very nice video ! What do you think could happen for XRP (Ripple) If there's a market crash? Thank you Again

Riaan Van der Walt says:

Thanks for your informative videos, man! Appreciate it.

JD.sydney says:

Trebt: when your country is trillions in debt.
Use example – The USA is at national Trebt factor of 21. 🤔

Eric says:

XRP to the moon.

krishna toshaniwal says:

If a stock market crash happens, rich people gonna wanna put their money in more stable and more trustworthy crypto. DigiX comes to my mind after bitcoin, bitcoin may not be the most stable but definitely most trustworthy of them all.

Jeff Rome says:

I have no idea what he said… he was all over the place… or maybe I'm just overtired.. lol 🖒🏼

Haka Lau says:

i don't think most countries can afford to pay off their debt now, so whats the market crash based on really?

R G says:

Saw a JEDx talk in Toronto tonight. The premise was tech within the Jewish community and maintaining values.
No mention of AI, VR, Cryptos, Blockchain. I bought 7.5 LTC during the show.

Trev1183 says:

Crypto only delays the inevitable reset from the global debt crisis. All my crypto gains will eventually be going into more precious metals

David Bermudez says:

The Economic Collapse is commencing and it will be WORSE than the Recession

When that happens where will institutional investors safe haven be in(other than precious metals)?

The Crypto Market of course by the end of 2018 we can see a Market Cap over $1 Trillion

Jo L says:

I don't buy it…For months, every video, wales coming in, institutional money coming in, banks getting into crypto, yet the price goes down, down, down, down, down. If this was the case, then the price would be going up, up, up, up! So no, none of this is happening…yet.

Jo L says:

I'm surprised no news on ETN. I actually just bought some shockingly enough LOL. They have a fully functioning, patented product they just released. Instant crypto transactions, for multiple crypto currency's. They just made TPS, completely irrelevant!

Jo L says:

I don't think so… as you and I understand it would be wise to actually put our money into something like bitcoin if there was a crash, about 95% of the planet is clueless on crypto currency. When there is a crash people want as much money in their hands as possible, not where it's at risk being invested in something.
Unfortunately, they just don't understand. And when they do this, they will learn the hardest lesson, they have ever learned in their life. Because the cash they are holding, will become more useless than ever!

evan black says:

💯 it’s the calm before the storm

Howard Jiang says:

In my opinion it is just when the traditional market and not if, support you always

A. T. Maverick says:

coinbase is trash adding ETC….lol…, it is the exchange of the scam coins…lol…, idiots!!!!! fuck you coinbase! haha

Peter Parker says:

this has been my biggest motivation since 2014 when i joined the crypto space. financial crises in 2008 is the reason we're all here talking about this unstoppable technology. the next one will change the world for ever. we're ready

Bill arthur says:

Whatever is good for the elite.
Which means a trading range..pump up, and crash down, repeat. They make tons both ways. The rest of humanity can go down the drain, in their view. But everyone can learn to play the game.

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