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My story on why I took all my money out of penny stocks and refuse to trade in them anymore!


Devil'sAdvocate says:

Look up Peter Leeds. He is the only one of the "penny stock gurus" that I've found that is up front, honest, truthful and will teach you where you went wrong. Stocks under 10 cents are 99.99999% garbage, but there ARE promising penny stocks (most of them are from $2-$5 or so). Two of his main teachings with penny stocks are this:

1) NEVER trade OTC or Pink Sheet stocks and
2) Set STOP LOSSES on every trade. So you limit your losses on losers… as there WILL be losers. Instead of losing a ton of money, you will lose a minimal amount and still have a good chance of upside.

His website for subscribers shows you the most important fundamentals to look for when searching for penny stocks to HOLD onto for the long term, but even these should have stop losses set…. and also has picks that you can learn from.

If you are out, totally understand. But, if you want to learn more…. Peter Leeds is the only person I've found that isn't a snake oil salesman. He's as straight forward as you can get. Cheers!

A Lin says:

The reason why people quit pennystocks is because they fail to learn. Swingtrading does not work in pennystocks. Day trading works in penny stocks. You need to have a initial plan, buy in and buy out quickly. Pennystock is not the problem. You are the problem. You need to understand that penny stocks and regular stocks are totally different game. Pennystock is the most difficult stocks to learn.

ts15210 says:

There's a current popularPennystock that is getting a lot of attention over the past month or so, much more than I have seen, and people are buying 100,000's and holding…that's crazy, that money could be invested elsewhere and making something while they wait for the big spike. Keep a smaller position and when that glorious day comes, then buy more on the way up, you may lose a little bit of what you had, but I think losers in the market are just too greedy.

ts15210 says:

Position management is the key to Pennystocks IMO. I would never put more than 5% of my total on a single pennystocks, I made good money on a few, but lost on more, learned my lesson.

jimmybauer1 says:

Since you comment about penny stock scammers, what do you think about timothy Sikes, he's very well known who has thousands of students which many are making money on penny stocks.

Leo Castro says:

From that comment, you should just stick with dividend stocks, and still keep it up.

AppVentures.xD says:

he has a large following and he tells them where he is putting trades but isnt everyone competetion in the market?

AppVentures.xD says:

is warrior trading one of the guru scammers?

Slammed Cars says:

Lmao, maybe everyone is different,
I've been studying stocks heavily for the past month and honestly I've only doubled my money. you have to not get greedy and also be predictive.

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