एक दिन में 5000 के 45 लाख Option ट्रेडिंग से ? – Option Trading Strategies in Hindi

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Yes, Make 45 lac from this option trading strategies. Explained in Hindi just for you. You can buy call or put option depending on the direction of the market. This is a risky option trading strategy, so don’t invest too much amount (Hardly 1% to 5% of your total capital).
Also, practice before you trade.

The video is for educational purpose, you must learn option trading basics and then try these option strategies.

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Happy and Safe Trading
Pravin Khetan

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Start your learning in following Steps:

Step 1. Start With Basics of Stock Market:

Step 2. Learn Technical Analysis:

Step 3: Learn Derivatives

Step 4: Learn Value Investing and Fundamental Analysis
Step 5: Work on Money Management and Trading Psychology


Nara Siva says:

It worked today 14th Nov expiry
Nifty 11950 CE Buy 0.80/- Sell 6.20/- , 10 lots 4050/- profit

Amol Baikar says:

Peoples why you don't report such videos or channel, jnstead of comments or discussion. Making quality of YouTube is in our hands. Report quickly

Mon2 Pawar says:

मे ईस शैत्र मे नया हु ओर मुझे minimum मुनाफा ओर minimum loss हो ऐसी कोई ट्रिक बताईये सर

Dipak Chaudhari says:

Or agar Nifty down hogaya to aapke ₹5000 bhi ₹-45(loss) lakh ban jayenge.. Don't believe in him.. He is asking for gambling.. not for trading…. don't loose your hard earned money on this.. Invest wisely …. Rom Rom Ji 🙏

joginder134 says:

Maan lete hai ki maine 4 L kama liye is strategy se ,,🤣


You study option for next 10yr and understand alpha, beeta, gama, theeta, time value and then post these videos, this is utter bullshitting. With these video many innocent people will loose money..

Manas Meher says:

Bakbas video

nilesh sakharkar says:

भाई आपने अब तक कितने कमाई ये तो बताया नही,,

Vikkram Dukare says:

Explain OTM & ITM

Dharmendra Sinha says:

3i infotech company . Can u make a vedio

Irfan adeeb says:

Ama bhai kiyu Gali khane wale Karam kar Rahe ho

Vivek Gupta says:

Lagta h ganja fuk ke chacha baithe h😂😂


mehanat kar kam kar ye logo ko fasane ka kam band kar

karma wapas atta hai logo ko paise ko dubayega to tu ek din kangal ho jayega

bhagwan se dar

Gopalraorai says:

thease all asptions only or any proof

shaikh rajib says:

Sir Ricks lena muje aacha lagta hai.sir clearly samaj me nahi aya. sir aap ka contact kaise kare.sir good idea.

shaikh rajib says:

Sir Ricks lena muje aacha lagta hai.sir clearly samaj me nahi aya. sir aap ka contact kaise kare.sir good idea.

Business Review says:

Thank you sir

Shruti k says:

Dont make fool of innocent ppl…. nothing like this ever happens….premium of any strikeprice for index or stock will be 0.10p only 5 minutes before expiry…ChuChu No.1 hai tu

Sunil Ramani says:

Mujhe apki jarurat h pls sir

Gokul Krishna says:

Have you done trading using this strategy ? Show us real proof

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