शेयर बाजार क्रैश -तुलिप बबल | Stock market crash -Tulip Bubble in Hindi

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The most important thing to become a successful investor is to learn about history of crashes. One such event is Tulip Bubble which help us to understand human psychology and learn stock market tactics.

This video explain what is a stock market crash or financial Bubble/ in Hindi.
How a bubble starts and ends and affect the returns of people.
It shows example of Tulip Bubble of 15th Century where many people traded tulip bubble at very high prices later to loose all of their money.

The Video also covers how emotion like greed takes over humans intellect and force them to make wrong decisions.


Dharmendra Kumar Yadav says:

Please sir intrinsic value of stock per video sare Kare

crypto guy says:

Explained it very well. what are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies? I mean I can see clearly that it's a bubble. But has it reached the "Euphoria" stage?

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