⚠️Stock Market Crash November 2018-Run For the Exit or Buy More? ⚠️

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Stock Market Crash-Buy the Dip or Wait for Lower?
As share prices come down we have to ask ourselves important questions as investors.
-Do I really believe in this companies long term fundamentals
-Did I overpay for this companies shares
-Did I over allocate too much capital to too few stocks?
-Is it time to rebalance my portfolio?
-Do I have too much invested in technology stocks, and not enough invested in growth/value stocks?
-Should I liquidate everything and sit in cash to wait for lower prices?

The collective market value of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft has declined by more than $1.1 trillion.

The S&P 500 is down nearly 10% from its record high, flirting with official correction territory.
The gloom-and-doom on Wall Street has wiped out the stock market’s gains for the year.

Short term and long term interest rates are creeping higher. The Federal reserve is PULLING money out of the financial system that they propped up in the first place.

President Donald Trump once again took a shot at the Federal Reserve on Tuesday, saying he would like to see lower rates from the U.S. central bank in answering a question on the state of the economy and financial markets.
“I’d like to see the Fed with a lower interest rate. I think the rate’s are too high. I think we have much more of a Fed problem than we have a problem with anyone else,” Trump said to reporters outside the White House. “I think your tech stocks have some problems.”
The Fed has raised rates three times this year and is expected to hike once more before year-end. The central bank also expects to boost rates three times in 2019. Some investors blame the Fed’s rate increases for the market turmoil that has caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to erase its gain for the year on Tuesday.
Trump has repeatedly gone after the Fed for tightening monetary policy in the U.S. On Oct. 10, he said the Fed had “gone crazy” by continuing to raise rates. The next day, Trump said the Fed caused a correction in the stock market. Finally, Trump called the Fed his “biggest threat” because they were “raising rates too fast.”
A sitting president criticizing the Fed is rare. Trump’s predecessors have largely refrained from commenting on the direction of monetary policy.

Trade War tensions, fears, and anxieties have yet to be addressed

Mike Pence-United States Vice President November 17th “We have great respect for President Xi and China, but as we all know, China has taken advantage of the United States for many, many years and those days are over,” he said.
He then levelled a number of accusations at Beijing, including its insistence on forced technology transfers and intellectual property theft.
“The US will not change course until China changes its ways,” Pence said, adding that there was still room for the White House to introduce new tariffs on Chinese goods

“Put simply, stocks have already started to price in the risk of an economic slowdown,” Goldman Sachs chief US equity strategist David Kostin wrote to clients on Tuesday.
Morgan Stanley warned on Monday that the US stock market is already in a bear market. The firm noted that more than 40% of the S&P 500 is down 20% from recent highs.
But some believe the market mayhem is overdone.
“I don’t think we’re headed for a recession,” David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan told CNN Business. “The slowdown in the economy and the trouble in the market is going to stay the Fed’s hand.”
Kelly said he thinks the Trump administration will also “pull back” from the US-China trade war if it sees that the risk is a potential recession.


Stocks On My Mind says:

Really enjoy your videos man thank you!

Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Millionaire says:

wow it hard for me to go full cash

F S says:

Fed has always maintained that it is data dependant. Considering economic slowdown, i doubt they will hike 3 times next year

Richard Mcclendon says:

market looks like an up move Nov 21st. The rally will fail and head back down. Look for a crash low Tue Nov 27th.

m. cook says:

I sold a few stocks yesterday just so i can free up cash for more quality stocks. Its quite a few at or near lows so im just gonna keep waiting for them to bottom. I picked the worse time to get into the market it seems like smh. I love it tho Im taking this as a learning time. 2 months ago all this would of been gibberish lmao.

Jeremy Ng says:

Trade with care, don't catches falling knives.

Ryan Rivera says:

Buy the dip duh

State University of California at the end Tran says:

If you see amazon and apple stock come down 50 percent then enter . Every thing is overvalued now

tore på sporet says:

I enjoy your analysis. To the point, and no "Holy shit guys you have to sell!" or other certainties. Keep it up.

Andrew Trapman says:

Im personally sitting in 100% cash.Because Im a swing trader and am not committed to any company.But!! I plan on taking advantage of the bear market to buy up some companys and turn 95% of my cash in to Investment mode but Im waiting a lil more then I'll back the truck up.
Its all back to the Feds and the trade war now.So as Buffett says you make more money by waiting.
Thanks for a great video as all ways ?

Peter Oitzinger says:

Asia is rallying today and US markets will head higher in today's session. The lows for this correction are in. If you're waiting for it to go lower in the next couple of weeks, you've missed your chance.

M T says:

you need to catch your breath before you fall over. The crash just got started.

BABY - Become A Better You says:

Very tricky situation to buy in right now. You might end up catching the very bottom but the bottom could also disappear right from under us from here on. Great analysis, really appreciate that!

Amahd Cole says:

Thanks for sharing what's going on it will happen when they hit the reset button that why its important to buy food

Phil Newins says:

I don't think the trade wars will end until we have a new president. Higher interest rates are a direct result of the fed creating a gigantic problem in the first place.

Ariel Noel says:

I’m fully invested in my retirement accounts. Any sell off in the market to me in seen as a buying opportunity. Bring in the lower prices so I can buy more!

Jeff Calhan says:

I enjoyed the stock market much more in 2017. In 2018 the stock market has been a pain in the ass.

Sara Willis says:

Every Green Day we’ve seen so far has been a trap. If the market rebounds just short it because it’s a bull trap!

Files Shared says:

BTFD on margin. If that doesn’t work, tell the fed to print more money.

Aray Ray says:

This market is rigged they tank it hard then pump it up crazy fast in less then a week lol. I've never seen it trade like this.

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