💰How Much $$$ I Make In 2 Hours Of Trading Stocks

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Today was a very fluid day with my day trades. The past 4 days I’ve cleared over $3,000 profit day trading in the stock market! Let’s stay consistent team!

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that i do not ask for any information. I always encourage our members to trade ONLY what you understand and never based on anyone’s opinion. My videos are for entertainment purposes only.any questions to message me as i would love to be a part of your success.


Eddie100 says:

Is shorting stocks (in between $5 and $10) a profitable idea?

AresHeroSC says:

Ricky now sponsored by Mountain Dew?

urbexloner says:

Sponsored by mtn dew?

Vanessa Ordisi says:

Hello! Is that technical analysis?

Jonathan Ferraro says:

finally sponsored? mountain dew sponsor??

Tahoor khan says:

Where do you get your background music bro, is it epidemic?

Adrian Garcia says:

1:50 facts 🔥

Lenin's kitchen says:

I love you and your channel buddy.
Your videos always make my day. Keep it up dude and congrats on 700k subscribers.
You will definitely hit the BIG Million before this year is even over

Ruben Carrillo says:

This is options trading right?

heispark says:

Thank you. Unsubscribed. Bye.

Abe MTZ says:

Hey Ricky, do you have your own personal discord group I can join?

RealEyesRecogniseRealLies says:

Do you stream everyday? And on youtube or?

X X X says:

Great video man! How much did you invest that day?

Phoenix Cielo says:

How do you trade during off market hours from TOS?

Brett Madrzykowski says:

Hey Ricky, You've truly been a huge inspiration in my growing progress on investing and constantly chasing for progression. I would love to pay for your classes but unfortunately don't have that type of money to invest atm. I've been subscribed for over a year and would love to work something out with you where we could both benefit (ill pay you backkkk)

Vibe Trading says:

For you to be consistent You have to understand risk management. That is the key for you to be profitable trading in the stock market.

Austin Barnett says:

Ricky, is china lying about the Coronavirus and will it affect the overall market?

hish vasco says:

I wish if I could believe you

QueferSutherland says:

Would it be a good Idea to pay attention to China and buy oil now and sell when they reopen their borders.

Cool Kid BMX says:

"Wow this mountain dew gave me allot of energy!!!" Proceeds to mumble.."what I like about day trading is trading and I enjoy trading because I like day trading. So I like day trading and I hope to , goals because goals are something to look forward to. Goals. And I like goals because I like day trading "

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