💵 4 Ways To Make Money With BITCOIN 💻

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Lev Lambert says:

Hey, I got in bitcoin when it was 7 thousand in November and ripple when it was 0.15 with 16 thousand coins sold off 6000 but still have 10 grand on it. So far so good investment.;)Have videos too. Watch them if youre interested. All the best. Lev

wonka vanvonka says:


Drollfruitcake says:

17rT12G8j8horCv9Yz3v687akod6vLCEr4 send me some im broke asf

ByteSize Blockchain says:

LOL, you should probably speak with someone that has been in Bitcoin since 2011.

Австралия Без Купюр says:

Stick to selling the books to gullible folks who care about who you know and how you changed your life making millions dollars bullshitting them. Technology actually requires brain, Tai, and you just displayed your limitations.

Ju Ri says:

45min video 20 min promoting his own shit

Asiatic Naga says:

Always has to look busy it's a image projection!!!!!!

ghimey goya says:

i buy bitcoin last nov2015. and the price that time was just 150 USD. for 1 bitcoin . now its amazing. bitcoin as i observe it goes up and downs in prices. but every 6month u got a 500% percent of your money. i just hold my bitcoin in blockchain wallet. and i also bought etherium. and Zcash 2016. then i left my bitcoin now i went back to blockchain wallet and check my bitcoin. BOOM!!!..my eyes gets wider trully bitcoin price get up and down but no worries.it returned back 1000% in one year and thats the growth in your money. and i have other wallet of bitcoin to buy and sell. this is my two way of earning big buck in bitcoin. bitcoin is unstoppable due to technology so speed now a adays.

BigBadMarketer says:

7:04 gotta be at the airport in 40 minutes 44:29 minus 7:04 = 37 minutes 25 seconds… that leaves him 2 minutes 35 seconds to be at the airport…I call BS!! =D

Iota Tangle says:

If you have Bitcoin and would like to stay up to date with the latest insider news on the market send to:


Dave Sansone says:

Gift economy is the original way. It still remains in the good deeds passed from one to another

Dave L says:

Anyone else notice his body language as he says things? Maybe Tai is nervous but I seriously worry about the legitimacy of this guy.

Payton Higgins says:

You just found our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ BTC Wallet: 19HKMEVXViRMdMj318x5VqTPzJ1ipEBLSK

Give a tip and something good somewhere will happen!

Stella Slater says:

Hi Tai, some pretty shit comments below. Tell them to shutuuuuup! Thanks for your efforts. I don't care if you do have to fly or not, if u gotta go u gotta go! I'm up for any info you can pass on. We HAVE to get out the "system". I'm in 3rd world south africa so it's great you're educating ppl on the evolution/revolution of money. LOVE that idea of 10 peeps buying the hse and being reimbursed! Still 10 mins to go in the video, hope I won't need to comment again

Fagan-Carnation REALTORS says:

How does one say so little in a video this long?

Sebastian Maxted says:

Thanks for such a great video, again!

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spire107 says:

Tai Lopez is promoting this now? Does that mean the top is in and its time to sell?

Al Dude says:

I just invested all my life saving, my cat and my left ball into bitcoin cheers Tai

ManPursueExcellence says:

What do you know about Cryptocurrencies???
I’m so tired of these “speakers” and “Social Media Stars” acting like experts on everything.

bailey kanosh says:

It was 75 million in 2010

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