📈 Live #Trading $2567.67 Profit in 6 Minutes | Daytrade Earnings Gap

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Live Trading done like a pro. If you are into day trading, shadow a professional trader by following Shadowtrader. In this video, Peter Reznicek demonstrates how to strategically trade earning gaps and make a significant profit from your investment in 6 minutes.

We at Shadow Trader are a group of professional and experienced traders committed towards your development and success.
No, we are not aspirational but we are of substance, realness, and rationality. We don’t just throw out ideas, but we track it and hold ourselves accountable to it. We work tirelessly and give our best to provide unique services to all traders whether you wish to invest for your future or make a quick profit or get rich.

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Ralph Marshall says:

You're using Think or Swim? … That's a TD Ameritrade platform right? Doesn't every single move you make cost $7?

Adam says:

Want to see more of your live trade videos! Very educational! Txs a ton!

Ketchup says:

New to you Peter, very impressed, love what you are doing, learning a lot from you but….seems like a lot of capital to risk to make .5% understanding you have a much bigger line than I so it's harder for you to employ your capital efficiently.

David Jordano says:

Excellent sir

24 7 Trade TA Demo says:

This is exciting stuff to see a pro trader make a live trade. Very insightful. I am curious how much do you pay for commissions on ToS? did you manage to lower it to $1 per trade?

hardcoremofo says:

Need more videos of live trading. Awesome stuff.

hardcoremofo says:

Great trade. Props to the OGs.

Mr.Futures Trader says:

I LOVE these types of videos!

Piyush Raut says:

How much capital u use sir

walid zahid says:

good one make more of this

michael flegel says:

Too bad you and I have absolutely no idea what to do! proceed with caution

bill mancos says:

Thank you very much for the super cool, live trading! Nice!

Jason Eala says:

The best live trading video I have seen to date. Thx for sharing and keep up the good work.

Salvatore Palombizio says:

Great video Peter. Thanks for sharing.

al karg says:

"Boss-man" Peter playing those black n white "piano" keys like a maestro!! Didn't you use to wing the DOM-ladder easily back in the day with buy/sell & adjust orders???

B elias says:

Cool re cap but $600,000 position to make $2500?Even at 25% margin of $150,000???

Shreekar Ranade says:

Wow Peter- loving the new concept video here!

David Gregg says:

Great Video Peter. For those of us that can weed through the bullshit, it's clear you're a solid trader. You had me at the Raschke endorsement, but I also appreciate your Dalton discipleship. Please make more videos like this- showing us short term, scalping type set-ups. It's always interesting seeing what's in others arsenals.

4bennybear says:

is this live trading something new.

Nicholas Huss says:

Great narration my vegan brother!! Well done, well deserved

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