๐Ÿ“ˆBitcoin Crosses $14,000! Is It A Bubble: 4 Things You Need To Know ๐Ÿ’ธ tailopez.com/learnbitcoin

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Duplessis A says:


Kevin Mac says:

bitcoin mining…. going to 40k.

Nelson McElmurry says:

Is it too late to sign up?

Travis Lachner says:

"It's a manufactured currency… Just like the US dollar is…"
Uhm… Not at all. Please stop trying to jump on the bandwagon before you know what you're talking about.

Gamer Boy says:

I hope it is a bubble that pops and drops to a very small amount per bitcoin like when it first started. I missed it when it first started because I didn't believe it would take off but this time around I'll buy a shit load if the bubble crashes

Salty Goal says:

Meanwhile it's already at over 16k

Tyler gunn says:

If Bitcoin trading price crashes then does the Bitcoin business model also crash?

Josh Alexy says:

I turned it off on step 1 when he said "be careful who you listen to".

Elchef AD says:

You were a shopify expert now you are a bitcoin expert ? Lol

Teo G Poker Vlog says:

Guys getting into "multi payment" can't even do anything with this info. They're too broke to play around in Crypto

user one says:


Bruno Ferreira says:

And….as we talk its reaching 17.000$


damn tai ; this is one of the best videos you've ever put out ; and thats saying something ; thanks for everything that you do dude

Labarron Kennedy says:

2018 $40,000

Labarron Kennedy says:

If is goes to zero, i will buy all of i. Lol

Labarron Kennedy says:

it is just getting started.

zohaf says:

Tai Respect you!!!

Quentin Wiley says:

Invest in cloud coin thank me later

Iceman08900 says:

Lol Amazon is really not a good example. Most people fail to realize that 90% of the tech companies didnt survive the crash. So your bitcoin may or may not survive as its already a slow unusable coin which means no real world use cases. On the other hand some of the alt coins have really good technology and are heading in the right direction like Ethereum. So choose wisely. Your favorite coin may not survive in the event of a bubble burst.

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