📉Stock Market Crash Banks Sell Off Heading into June 2018📉

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Stock Market Crash Banks Sell Off Heading into June 2018. Bank stocks sold off to test their 200 day Moving Averages. Bank of America and JPM both defended their 200 day moving averages while Citigroup and Wells fargo have broken below. This is very important to watch from a price perspective. In order for the market to push towards new all time highs banks must participate so the prices of these large banks is critical to the price of the S and P 500. Are you guys buying the dip?


Casual Investor says:

that was great call!!! I have some much to learn!!!!

Frank says:

What is an "opportoonie?"

Michael Martin says:

5/31 is the ex Dividend for BAC be on look out for it to dip a bit on Friday or Monday

David Backhouse says:

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BeaR says:

Don't forget about commerce secretary meeting in China this early June, he previously said that the tariff is ready to be fired and that Americans need to experience some pain for the things to get changed. So I expect a 200b$ tariff on top of that which will trigger a full sell off we saw previously. Really miss the stock market in 2017, it was so easy to make money back then, 0 problems in fed, 0 with China, no uncertainty…

dakan 23 says:

great video

Jim Haley says:

Well I have to say all of this volatility definitely gives traders opportunity to make money. 💰

Canine 7 says:

Did you get Fannie Mae yet

Shinwon Moon says:

Another great video! BTW, did you sell COST or CRM puts today?

Brandon says:

DUDE, just wanted to thank you for these videos again. I started watching in January and have learned so much from you in the past few months. I haven't had a bad trade since I began using finviz, watching moving averages, etc. Had a couple where I took a small gain and jumped ship (too early, mind you), but learning how to look at the market and understand what it's saying a bit better had been a game-changer. I owe much of this new knowledge to you, sir.
Thanks for what you do.

I added Citigroup this afternoon, too cheap to ignore, prepped to average down if it goes lower!

BABY Investing says:

These markets seem so fake I don't even know what to expect anymore even when things seem sure it still turns out to be something else … smh

Robert Taveras says:

This is a real crazy market – The average investor is going to get burned. Playing Options is dangerous right now. Trump came out with those surprise tariffs on the Chinese, you got Italy and crazy 5-Star you got North Korea news and you still have Syria, Israel wants to goto War. the S&P went up 20 percent in 2017 – this aint 2017 anymore. Bull run is over man you just gotta wait for the big dips and get in and get out fast. I wouldn't buy and hold anything this year no way.

Aray 12195 says:

I always load up when investors panic xD

ScienceHacks says:

Great video! I added Citigroup and BAC today I hope it pays off. I bought $5,000 of each.

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