?Stock Market Crash November 2018. Why Are Stocks Crashing??

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Stock Market Crash November 2018. Why Are Stocks Crashing?
#1 Technology stock positions are being liquidated by institutional investors

#2 Money that was in technology stocks is rotating into other “safe haven” areas of the market. We are seeing -fresh all time highs in MCD, WM, JNJ, PG, KO, PEP, etc.

#3 Being long technology stocks had become an overcrowded trade. The P/E and forward P/E of many stocks had become very high relative to historical norms

# 4 Just because technology stocks are getting liquidated doesn’t mean there aren’t any trades. Cash is a position! Stop losses are a MUST in such a volatile market! USE THEM!

#5 The combination of Rising interest rates, global trade war tensions, lower than forecasted guidance from tech companies across the board, oil selling off rapidly, housing sentiment turning south very quickly are all pulling the market lower. Should we be buying the dip or wait for prices to settle even lower?


BudSkate Lines says:

dont be an investor unless u plan long term. Years+. Day trade/occasional swing trade. you make money when it going down up left right anywhere 😉

163pete says:

Take your lies and go. You’re stuck with your bad deal with gold and silver and bitcoin, you lose!

Andrew Jo21 says:

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David P. Bentley says:

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marshall rauh says:

They will just keep demoralizing and discouraging investors until most of the cheap shares are held by the institutions. Buy the good prices they give you.

Mihai Gasca says:

best tip you will ever get: Invest in water my friends! wait 15 years you will get billions!

Pee Bee says:

The Feds are messing with the numbers to take down Trump's progress with the economy.

Jayson foo says:

Thanks trump

begley09 says:

I agree stop losses are great to have but I only use them when I’m up in profit. If I’m already at a loss then I see zero point to having a stop loss since it would be breaking my main goal with investing- to make money.
Though I invest for the long term, so I average down at certain points when I see the blood shed is near.
Only time I would ever sell at a loss is if something fundamentally changed in a negative way within the company but market volatility is simply a blip.

begley09 says:

Basically all “recession proof” stocks are getting flooded with money- people going to get burned.
The market will eventually go back up, patience. No point in panicking.

Eric Smith says:

After watching your video my ears are bleeding ! Where the heck did you learn how to read ?! Lol ? I liked the content anyway.

Stocks On My Mind says:

BUY MORE!!! The market is going to rebound massively!

Dale Norman says:

With fundamentals, like unemployment numbers, at all time highs, what is pulling the markets down? The pundits all have a theory, but nothing I have read about would have such drastic sell-off effects, more than a trillion dollars lost in about 10 trading days. What's up? This sell off began on Nov 8, the same day that the IPCC came out with its extremely disturbing report. What did this report say to investors. Basically, it said that we only have 12 years to "transition" to a carbon neutral way of life, or runaway greenhouse effect will cause unstoppable warming, resulting in the loss of the ozone layer protection, with blistering heat and aridification, the death of phytoplankton across the globe, resulting in the loss of atmospheric free oxygen, the stuff humans need to breath. Is it possible that investors read this report and then saw what was happening in California, fires responding to the extremely dry ("arid") conditions and put 2 and 2 together? Oil prices and technology stocks have taken the biggest hit. Perhaps the great divestment in petroleum ("decarbonization") has begun and the great global warming denial has cracked. .

Bonnie Archie says:

Im looking for a channel where people exchange ideas.In companies not just ideas..I want reasons why company A is a good buy..I give reasons for my choices..YouTubes all about some guy selling his fortune in a day madness..Rlly.wtf man..Go sell it on facebook…

Bonnie Archie says:

Fucking Micron ntech…MU.. I bought it at 55..It had been flowing between 5-60 for months.This includes china and the trade war..then suddenly a magic wand fucked it and me in the ass.Now this fucked up shit has barely hit 40 and bottoms out again.A PE of 4!!! 4..Its listed as a string buy.Yet; the fckng thigns getting killed..G figure.It is just time..Now sit and hold..wait wait wait…Also when dos it bottom out? Who has that magic knowledge?

Bonnie Archie says:

Just a ti..Th past yr I made money off of JKohls.it went as hig as 74 now its under 54..WSM william Sonoma hit a 72 high now its 51.There will be some value stocks soon.This correction shouldn't be the end of the world but theres always some cunt instilling fear into all of us.Y should the market collapse? Y? The economies booming..

Richard Mcclendon says:

market is following a 55 calendar day crash pattern similar to 29 and 87. Final day is Nov 27, Dow in mid 17,000.

Linda Sante says:

I just keep losing too, should I sell at a loss?

MrOramato says:

Americans see amazing success in the Republicans. “We can’t have that! Let’s bring back the complete idiot Nancy Pelosi, she will bring back excess regulation, and really gum up the works.” And then the media Democrat cohorts are shocked when investors flee for their lives? Why?

Hector Lalalala says:

November 20 on the red again. It closed at -550.74

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