📉Trump Trade War Stock Market Crash 2018📉

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Stocks Weaken Around The World as Trump Opens New Fronts in Global Trade War. Global stocks weakened Monday as investors reacted to the latest threats on tariffs from President Donald Trump that look to escalate the brewing trade war between Washington and its economic allies.


Ken Kernen & 80/20 Investing - Simple Stock Trading says:

This trade war is far from over. Investors aren't going to enjoy the coming months but like you said, it's a great trading season now.

Jim Haley says:

I seriously doubt that we are finished going down. We’re just a few tweets away from a market correction. No one wins trade wars including Trump who lost over $1 billion to poor judgment. Best of luck👍🏻

Casual Investor says:

i am going to keep averaging down until the trade war rhetoric dies down!!!

Alijah Norris says:

If im getting into stock it would be opportune for me to invest right now while theyre down?

crypto p says:

this looks like 2008 all over again , I am pulling out all I have I am done , tis is only the beginning it'll get worse, Jim rogers is right there is a crash coming

Haris Bokhari says:

Got fuked so hard

Pyathon says:

I talk about earning of the week and stocks that I hold regulary on my instagram! I also post when I buy shares or sold shares( most of the time). I need you guys support to grow my instagram. Account: trade _ life _ invest Thank you for the support!!

The third side of the story. says:

Wasn't going to sell either. However this video takes some of the stress off. Thank you.

Hamed Mahmoodi says:

Team not opening portfolio ✌️

Theo C says:

great video once again.

Rob Parmenter says:

Great video. I'm doing the same thing. Taking no action as well.

T Dutch says:

Thanks to Donald Trump the Harley-Davidson motorcycle wil become an Taiwanese icon. Recognized around the world, it is a symbol of China's inventiveness, rugged individualism and pioneering spirit and build by Taiwanese quality engeneers.

Jack Yip says:

is it better to just buy canibis stocks for the short run now? Since weed is legalized in july

YOU TUBE says:

I think this is the beginning of a long term downswing.

chong tang says:

I got 225 shares of amazon, 30 shares of google and 120 shares of Tesla…. I'm fucked

Spasserboy says:

.. Big buying day. The American economy remains strong as ever. Thanks to Trump.

systemdeadlock says:

LOL same don't even want to look

Andrija Nikolic says:

I started investing back in March and since then markets have been crazy. But I didn't sell a single share on bad days but it is really hard to stay on track when you see days like today. :O

Christopher Clayton says:

We’re all in it for the long run, stay strong, and don’t sell a thing!

BeaR says:

6th of july – 200b tariffs, Trump won't give up until China gives up which will not happen.

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