🔟 (KILLER) Option Trading Strategies for Robinhood!

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In this video Matt talks about 10 different option trading strategies. These strategies allow traders to make money in all different kinds of market. These include, spreads, straddles, and selling options. Using these option trading strategies on Robinhood can allow traders to bring in consistent income. If you are curious what the strategies are they are listed below!

Enjoy the video 😀

1. Buying Calls
2. Buying Puts
3. Selling Puts
4. Selling calls
5. Call Credit Spread
6. Call Debit Spread
7. Ghetto Spread
8. Put Credit Spread
9. Put Debit Spread
10. Strangle/Straddle

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Drop me questions below!

Steve Aslewa says:

Wait, so is buying and then selling a call/ put option before expiration date dangerous?

savvy one says:

Matt I've been down the rabbit whole of options trading and have gained so much valuable information from your videos. It can be overwhelming at times. I've recently put my savings account into some various long stock positions and have been building up to a 2k capital im willing to risk for option trading. Ive attempted a couple call debit spreads and strangle strategies to learn the mechanics and am excited to put this knowledge to work. Im very tempted to join your class you may see me soon. Keep it up keep it movin.

Will Ham says:

dude, get rid of the wind chimes in the background. really annoying. i want to watch this video without the volume but then i can't hear you. I actually tried to watch this with subtitles.

Patrick von Janicke says:

Dude , great talk but delete the music please

bsems1000 says:

Matt, what happens when I hold passed the strike price. But still within my expiration and stock is rising. How is the exponential earnings calculated

M C says:

Once you click the strike you want if you click on the highlighted "bid ask" it will show you the greeks

Happy Puppy says:

Thank you for your channel and I do learn a lot from you. I’m curious about your comment that Robinhood helps you lose money. How does it do that? What should I look out for?

Jesse Petrone says:

Dude your face on these thumbs.

Yasss Gawwwd! says:

Click on the green limited Bid Ask button to see THE GREEKS Theta…after you click on the premium in buy call

Yasss Gawwwd! says:

I actually understand you. Ty

Canada Canada says:

Great job. How do I buy the book on Amazon?

Marky Maarty says:

Where is the link to buy the book?

Irina Max says:

Very impressive, but the annoying distracting noise on the background really not help to understand.

sanoo singh says:

My put orders for sell gets cancelled the next day coz I choose Good for day option. Other option I see is GTC which expires in 90 days if not executed or cancelled. How can I do this weekly ?

Elvis says:

Is BS i try getting a 7 days tryout and never got it. No one replied to me.

Mr B1uSky says:

I am close to 1,000 in my Robinhood account, just waiting for PR on XSPA atm

Jerry C! says:

Matt – thanks for sharing your insights. I'm been losing in options for years, and you are the most clear in explaining in what to do! Appreciate your sincerity. Thank you again & God bless!

Kenny Powers says:

Awesome video thank you! Definitely subscribing

Alexander Brewster says:

I was really hoping he was going to say calendar spreads. It’s making money off long dated options going up, and theta decay on the sold options going down. Look it up 4 more detail.

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