🔥 Billionaire Ray Dalio Warns NEW WORLD ORDER 🔥 2020 Stock Market Crash & Financial Crisis Pt. 4

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🔥 Billionaire Ray Dalio Warns NEW WORLD ORDER 🔥 2020 Stock Market Crash & Financial Crisis Pt. 4

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AK Fallible - Financial Entertainment says:

💰Take our free training to learn how to immediately become consistently profitable: https://macro-ops.com/ak-training/

Gemz: Real Estate Investing says:

I think, (as you say) a great deal of the issue are short term policy makers kicking the can down the road. We need some of them to have the courage to actually FIX things.

Daniel L says:

Your idol is very good at burning his investors' money. He's an empty suit, and I'm amazed that people continue to think there's anything there. His results have been abysmal. He's down 18.6% this year, after losing money last year. The past decade he produced zero net returns for his investors. People are waking up to his B.S. (finally) and running for the hills.


O_O 0_0 says:

The dollar will basically become doge coin sooner or later.

The Insane Entrepreneur says:

I’m addicted to your videos man ! Still baffles that you actually have a palm tree 🌴 growing in your house.

MrLee says:

I thought Ray Dalio said that 1929 and 2008 were both the end of a long-term debt cycle

Shane Coble says:

Thanks Ak.

Very interesting. I do think the debt cycle has been so artificially messed with, we are all screwed in the future.

Happy investing

Rof Lhard says:

So what you're saying is that government needs to cut taxes and regulations so that small businesses can survive and thrive.

Phillip Moore says:

I’ll keep trading TSLA till something actually changes

Daniel O'Kane says:

Tell your venuzuelan friends to install old school runescape, get good and then they can trade bitcoin anonymously for a store of wealth! That's an actual thing, And the millenials are going to see cryptos as shiny and fun cos they can do stuff with them on their phone compared to gold which they can't even get their hands on.

R M says:

How you doing AK! Great video.

william James says:

I have read so many books about all these idea. Yet in a basic free youtube channel you explain it all so easily in such an enjoyable way.

This is such a fucking great channel im so glad i found it.

Please keep going

ardenado qosja says:

You’re beard bro, take care of yourself don’t get to drawn in that nwo thing, you must look fresh for the ladies 🤙

King Clown says:

Still wanna just let you know your other Ray Dalio vid is fire 🔥 lol

Stockpile says:

The interest rate won't rise for 2-3 years. It is confirmed by the Federal Reserve.

Borat says:

As long as people need to convert gold to fiat to transact, any country can print fiat and manipulate gold prices. Just compare the size of gold market (futures, physical,..) to Forex Market. Fiat loses purchase power faster than gold can increase value. It took 5 years to gold prices to double from 1k to 2k usd. Not taking into account inflation. During the same period Nasdaq increased its value 3x and not taking account dividends you could have earned owning stocks. Gold bugs have been saying that “this is the new world order” and that “the dollar will colapse” since 2008.

Connor Minford says:

Hey Ak

You explain the gold asset well. For years gold was gold. It had weight and had intrinsic value. But how come no one talks about gold and it's usage increasing. Exponential eventually.


elvolvasky69 says:

China is a bigger debt cicle than usa
There is all smoke till too late
Like the fake gold situation

Barrett L says:

Bitcoin will outperform gold for these reasons. Its widely accepted value is its market price just like gold, volatility has more to do with its nacentcy. Electricity is the new oil, bitcoin is the new gold.

J says:

They better keep printing because I'm already running out. 💸👻

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