πŸ”΄ Ep. 294: 30-Year Anniversary of the 1987 Stock Market Crash

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The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 294

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GuysCallMeShawna says:

Sorry I'm not sorry for this: Greenspan does not wish different as he knew what he was doing and would not do any different; he was easily corrupted. It's the economist equivalent of gender fluidity: "Austrian economics is broad spectrum and sometimes it can be very Keynesian but even though it meddles in the market to produce outcomes in favor of the TBTF banks, it is still a supporter of a 'freemarket' with all due respect to its guiding invisible hand [of you fools who believe this drivel]."
He chose to ignore economic realities to reflect an illusion of economic fantasty. He knew and he still knows. They want predictability so they must control the economy by planning it. Come on, Peter, judge his actions not his claims.

Dur3000Z says:

New Zealand making it illegal for foreign home buyers of homes? Sounds like a great idea to me. I am libertarian and pushing for this, in America (especially the Bay Area). This may make home prices go down, but who cares? What it will do is make rich foreigners think twice about fleeing their countries, and actually try to reform their own policies so that their country is actually desirable and cooperates with the rest of the world. I can understand their temptation to leave a socialist country, etc, but if all the smart people leave then those countries will decline even further & accelerate wars. Notice how all of the first world countries that are one-degree of influence away from America are always the targets of migration: this is because nobody wants to touch USA if it is a hostile nation, so they chose the second best. Also, New Zealand is a safety net for the ultra-rich of the USA (just like Puerto Rico): where they can go to flee from any impending war. I'm sure you know about this, Schiff. If I were super-rich, maybe I would be doing the same thing…

uawsux says:

Higher interest rates on dollar makes dollar stronger makes more expensive for other countries to pay down debt denominated in dollar from their currency gold and silver May hold fast it will not decline too badly due to the dollar activity it will decline it will decline up to 20% due to deflationary pressures the dollar in America is King due to everybody losing their homes losing their cars going bankrupt everything will be on sale America fire-sale cash will be king

uawsux says:

Gold will not make a move silver will not make a move until the economy heats up or the major event of new money takes hold you are in a deflationary spiral worldwide if the money does not go through the hands of the people it will not be inflationary accept Goods taken in from over Shore and offshore these will create inflationary but not really inflationary pressures on goods and services locally but the bottom line is for all intensive purposes gold and silver is dead for a little while cash right now is King

EyeOfScrutiny says:

Peter, are you feeding this to your Β iTunes podcast? Β Please do. IT's hard to listen to a youtube.

Tom in Puerto Rico says:

Economies with trade 'deficits' (capital surplusses) are generally shown to do better over time than those with trade 'surplusses' (capital deficits).

jjenson2006 says:

Peter, you should write Greenspan again. Remind him of the letters you wrote when you were 24, along with his response (with included copies of his letters). Ask him if he could do it all over again, would he have done something different. I bet he would be intrigued by the fact that you saved those letters all those years and will be compelled to write you again. That would be one very interesting response!

Oren Elbaz says:

How do you know that a crash is imminent?
The prophets of doom and gloom become extremely unpopular, and nobody is taking them seriously anymore.

Jmriccitelli says:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Barry Ballsit says:

When discussing New Zealand's election, you failed to mention it has the highest rate of homelessness in the developed world. And that is amidst a mass immigration program. You can not have high rates of homelessness while running a mass immigration program, you are going to get a reaction against that. And that is what happened.

Jonathan Steel says:

Thanks Peter, I live in New Zealand and have been listening to your Podcasts for some time. It was a very informative take on the election over here.

Patrick Comerford says:

We will never have a Paul Volcker ever again because no one would allow that. They would rather make the US dollar worthless then do the right thing.

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:

PUERTO RICO was a tax haven until they realized how much money they were losing. When they atopped it: the money went elsewhere and left them deep in debt.

This money and the economic system is BULL SHIT.

It deserves to crash.

Those are tge real evils of capitalism.

Capitalism creates economic growth up until the area isn’t profitable and then it seeks out new cheap labor in some other underdeveloped shithole.

All you get in the end is a bunch of rich countries surrounded by debter nations.

Skeptic100100 says:

So, if we check debtclock.org, we find Gold at a value of $5991.00, Silver $727.00 to the dollar…(roughly 8 to 1 ratio)…Don't see bitcoin there, lol. Oddly enough I just paid $21 dollars shipped for a $727 dollar ounce of silver…As another an observation, I could (but would NEVER) buy a bitcoin with gold at roughly 1 to 1 ratio give or take, still have change for some silver πŸ™‚

jaycoleman83 says:

your a lying piece of zionist jew shill trash

Dustin Nemos says:

You Rock Peter
Keep on spreading free market principles!

Steve Linbergbaby says:

Monday Monday can't trust that day✌️

nekdolan says:

One the day I was born the stock marked crashed. Good to know πŸ™‚ .

_ _ says:

1987 Edmonton Oilers

ι»’δΊΊε„ͺしげγͺ says:

They fucked up when they moved off the gold standard and onto the petrodollar.

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