? How Much Did I Lose In The Stock Market Crash 2019 ?

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I lost a lot of money in the recent stock market crash or stock market correction. I didn’t sell any of my stocks in the market and waited out the crash. We are now recovering and I think the stock market will not crash in 2019. 2019 will be a very important year for the stock market because it’s been 10 years since the last stock market crash. This is a great time to buy stocks on a dip after doing your own research. The market might be crashing so we can prepare for it by dollar cost averaging in. Buying stocks every few months while they drop is the safest method to protect yourself from a stock market crash.


edward obrien says:

Enjoyed the video. You made some of your best trades getting in making a profit and getting out. That's my current plan.

Andrew Trapman Trading - Investing - Motivation says:

Welcome back Monk ??

John Smith says:

What business do you have?

Aaron Wilson says:

Your back! ??

Money Bison says:

Respect for showing all your losses. Not alot of people would do that.

Salinas Photography says:

I feel as the monk was scared when the market dipped. He stopped sending as many updates and the interest in the updates was noticeable down. I’m subscribed to his course and the last 2 months have been a waste of money.

pasha904 says:

Take profits. It's coming down. Look it how it's coming back up slower then it dropped.

Brandon Beavis Investing says:

MONK!!!!! 😀

esau is The Devil says:

You need to have a lifetime price, and move it to another payment server. Teachable sucks!

DarkRahl69 says:

Thanks for coming back, got hurt in the pullback as well, and rebounding with the rally as well.

Delta Gamma says:

Hello! What do think of $SEDG? It has beat the Earnings every quarters and PE ratio is around 12. Please advice. Thx!

VWdeni says:

I am long aurora hope it’ll pay off in a few years.

greentealatte says:

The lesson here is don't be too greedy.
You already know the bull market is hitting its peak towards Q3-Q4 of 2018, to the point where stock prices are not even reasonable.
Nothing goes up forever.
Take your gains and wait for the next downturn.
An very important lesson to learn as an investor, but be glad you experienced this when you're young.

WhiteBoard Finance - Stocks & Real Estate says:

Glad to see you back my friend. Also, we respect your transparency!!

Danny Frank says:

I share a lot of your positions. You hold good stocks. Harder for me to justify the 5 year + weed stock positions. More of a pure spec play for now

Maverick says:

Welcome back man. So you did not lose anything, just losing like anybody else, including W.Buffet. Crash or no crash you wait it out and lose nothing, except from Snap probably. Long term u will be profitable

Caleb Cerney says:

Yes your voice is back

Jonah Feehery says:

Didn't sell any?!?!?!?! Thats my man monk! Smart as ever, never sell because of a crash!

Rory says:

I lost 37.6% i feel your pain

IamTonyStark1 says:

Stop.pushing your course, ur performance is sub par

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