🔴 LIVE Day Trading Scalping Penny Stocks (EXPR CNET DPW NK URG PTE OGEN) Futures (micro, emini)

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Day trading live low float penny stocks with my real account today.

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Trading resources:
How to calculate risk/reward for beginners – https://youtu.be/W7F7gYVoTqw
How to build a trading plan – https://youtu.be/LIG9LZhqA4U
How to trade gaps – https://youtu.be/Ui4boXHhxRU

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Mahid Uddin says:

Thoughts on CBBT, potential merger happening next week, seems to be doing well so far

chris smith says:

you blew DTSS and most trades you're a p&l micro scalper…too worried about not being able to say you were right👎

Peter Bricks says:

I got Lingston George info how good is he ?

Tricky Stix says:

Ticker 👉 STG is about to ROCKET better HURRY

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