🔴 LIVE Day Trading Scalping Penny Stocks (EYEG AIM NK CRBP CBLI ) Futures (micro, emini)

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Day trading live low float penny stocks with my real account today.

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Trading resources:
How to calculate risk/reward for beginners – https://youtu.be/W7F7gYVoTqw
How to build a trading plan – https://youtu.be/LIG9LZhqA4U
How to trade gaps – https://youtu.be/Ui4boXHhxRU

DISCLAIMER: We are not market professionals and are not liable for any losses taken in the financial markets. Some of the links included in this description are affiliate/referral links. Everything we put out is for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research and trade responsibly!


Jennifer Khloe says:

So while crisis come's up .Bitcoin climbs lol 😆 Now i say crypto is better than stock investing in crypto should be in every wise individual to do list

TradingForCharity says:

Traded NK this morning. Caught the bottom at 12.25 and rode it all the way to 17.3 🙂 Love short squeezes

A. Chill Woods says:

3:15:20 BIDDERS (Buyers) want cheap prices. ASKERS (Sellers) want high prices.

ASKERS (Sellers) who need to get OUT fast, can SELL TO the highest BIDDER (cheaper)

BIDDERS (Buyers) who want to get IN fast, can BUY FROM the highest SELLER (higher)

Deonte Giovanni says:

Thanks for this video, its very detailed 💥 Having got involved in the stock and gold markét and made much profíts, I still greatly believe in bitcoín trading, mostly as the markét is very high this December. With proper guidance by a PR0 tráder with hıs working strategy/daily signals. For me it's been very successful because i was being guided by a PR0 tráder called Abrams Taylor whose strategy/daily signals has proven to be so accurate and well analysed. Tráding and growing my portfolío from 0.9btcs to 5.8btcs within 6weeks is so awesome and credible👏👏 Abrams can be reach via wásapp_: ( +1-828-547-3110) and Telegram- @abrams_signals7 for questions into profítable systems.

Howard Santiago says:

30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

elli DellaGian says:

Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Maria Rincon says:

If you have told many this tree earlier that BlTCOlN would go up over $20k by the end of 2020, many wouldn’t have thought it possible. It’s happening today . A professional expert helped me know this and so far my crypto has been growing massively working with him

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