🔴 The Stock Market Crash 2020 – Day 46 | How To Find Trades Using A Stock Screener

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📉The Stock Market Crash 2020 – Day 46 | April 28, 2020

The TradingView stock screener I’m going to show in this example is going to be set up for selling put options, which is what I’ve been doing lately in these high-premium conditions.

With that said, as you’ll see in the video the TradingView stock screener is very customizable so you can configure it to do a LOT of different things.

So here’s exactly how I like to set it up:

1) Open up TradingView and go to the charts section
2) At the bottom of the window you’ll see the option for “Stock Screener.”
3) Once the stock screener has popped up, you’ll see on the righthand side there are some predefined lists. It doesn’t really matter which one you pick for now. In my example, I’m going to choose “Top Losers”
4) Now you’ll click on the “Filters” button. It’s the big blue button on the righthand side of the stock screener.
5) Here are the 4 settings I use for finding good candidates for selling premium on:
– Change%: -2
– Last: 5-150
– Symbol Type: Common Stock (only)
– Volume: Greater Than 1M Shares Traded/Day
6) Now return to where we chose “Stock Screener” and here you can name this screener whatever you’d like. Now you can pull up this scan whenever you’d like.
7) I also like to customize the columns that are visible in the stock screener. To remove columns, you simply right click one you don’t want and remove it. If you want to add any columns you can click the three dot icon on the far right and it has a lot of different columns that can be added. The columns I like to keep are:
– Last Price
– % Change
– Sector
8) The same way we saved the filters, we can also save the column layout we just defined. On the lefthand side of the stock screener, click the dropdown menu and you’ll see the option for “Save Column As.” Once you’ve saved it, you can now pull up that layout for later use.

In a different video, I walk through how I like to configure my charts in TradingView with all the indicators I like to use: https://youtu.be/kyoSU8mbx8g

You can setup a TradingView account here: https://bit.ly/2VIy5Zs

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Hey Markus, do you have a website with live trading where we can register and become memeber and trade with u online like other traders??

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Hi Markus, Good day ! Unable to order the PowerX e-book from Kindle, It gives some error message. Would you possibly take a look. thanks. Hi Settled by going into Amazon and registering my account with Amazon.

Fudly 1 says:

What is the margin for selling puts. At Schwab it is 100%. Sell an put with a strike of 7 and you put up $700.

Boris Martinez says:

Hello Markus, do you have any idea about what happened at around 10:5510:58, a few stocks went down at the same time? Rcl, ccl, nclh…

dan hug hes says:

Markus NCLH indeed went on a tear today to 13.5 from 11.5 Friday – My question is. Say on a 15 May Sell Put bought on Friday close would you only get paid 2 days premium if you closed end Tue? Trying to work out what happens when price goes up immediately than hanging around your entry price for the days to DTE, thanks Dan

Stanton Friedman says:

Let me guess…..that's his favorite shirt ?

deezler says:

Markus. Can you please show us how to setup thinkorswim? PLEASE!

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