🔴My Step By Step Trading Plan and How You Can Apply It Also | Coffee With Markus – Episode 41

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☕️ Coffee With Markus – Episode 41 | My Step By Step Trading Plan

Last week, I opened an account with Tastyworks and I transferred $20,000 into it. This afternoon, I will show you how exactly I plan to trade with this account. I’ll walk you through my step by step trading plan, which includes:

– my entry rules
– my exit rules
– how much size
… in short: everything 😉

If you’d like a copy of the trading plan you can download it from here: https://www.rockwelltrading.com/plan

Also during today’s session we’ll take a look at some trades I placed today utilizing this strategy and rules.

During these live sessions, I’ll cover LIVE stock market action and share how I’m currently trading the markets with my live account.

These sessions are a great way to keep a pulse on what is happening in the stock market each day.

During these sessions, we’ll also discuss topics like:

– Stock Trading
– Options Trading
– Futures Trading
– Binary Options
– Earnings Trading
– Swing Trading
– Day Trading
– Real Estate

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glenn pierce says:

Monday I sold to Open a May 20,291 put @ $1.71 they paid me $170.33,today I bought to close the Spy for .01 which cost me-$1.02. Then sold another May 20 ,296.50 PUT for$.30 they paid me another $29.33 for the last 1/2 hour of the day. LOL

glenn pierce says:

How much is the Power X Optimizer course per month per year?

john B says:

'Thumbs Up' increasing daily 👍👍👍

Kevin Mackenzie says:

Do I need to use trade view or can I just use the PXO?

MrPk7272 says:

Hi Markus,
I do not have a seperate account for short puts (I have also long calls etc.), so where
do I find in IB the "account size" for the calculation of the option number to trade?

CG B says:

Does purchasing the software give all the materials/tutorials needed to follow the options trading strategies? Really considering purchasing it, but I'm not sure what I need to do after I buy it to get comfortable with options trading! Great video! And the microphone is nice but perhaps the output volume is a bit low.

Rob Munter says:

Hi Markus Would your exit strategy also include that if your option is approx two weeks from expiration that you would also exit due to time decay?

Mike Parry says:

Thanks markus

Sam Jom says:

Thank you for your hard work and Awesome teaching :). We are glad that you are focusing on the PXO.

Anthony Coca says:

Thank you for the great content. Question: I have a day job and trading during work hours is difficult. My focus is on trading options using PXO. Do you have a recommended strategy for setting up buys the previous evening? I'm currently using a conditional trigger limit order with the following conditions: 1. trigger buy at => entry price 2. trigger at 09:30:02. Any advice, I usually get filled 10-20 cents above my limit order? Thanks again and all the best.

Guadalupe Jaques says:

How much the power optimizer cost

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