?Stock Market Crash 2019| Federal Reserve Saves The Bull Market??

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell sought to calm worried investors on Friday, casting the United States economy as strong but promising to adjust monetary policy quickly if global growth slows under the burden of an ongoing trade war.
“I think the markets are pricing in downside risks, is what they’re doing,” Mr. Powell said at a panel discussion at an annual meeting of economists here. “They’re well ahead of the data.” But, he added, “We’re listening carefully to that. We’re listening sensitively to the messages markets are sending.”
The Fed, which has raised rates for five consecutive quarters, has penciled in an additional two rate hikes for 2019. That has sent markets swooning, as many analysts and economists fret that the Fed could snuff out the economic expansion. Mr. Powell, acknowledging those concerns, said the Fed would be prepared to adjust if economic conditions warrant.
“We’re always prepared to shift,” Mr. Powell said, adding the Fed could shift “significantly” if necessary. Mr. Powell began his remarks by noting several indicators of strength in the economy, including Friday’s report that the United States added more than 300,000 jobs in December, well above expectations. But he acknowledged weakness in a recent survey of manufacturing activity, as well as concerns about growth in China and around the world, particularly related to trade tensions between America and the Chinese.
The Fed chair also noted that if economic conditions weaken, the Fed could readjust its plan to shrink the extraordinary amount of support it has provided to financial markets in the decade since the financial crisis.
“We wouldn’t hesitate to make a change” in policy, he said.
[U.S. employers added 312,000 jobs last month, capping a year of robust hiring.]
Mr. Powell called 2018 “a good year for the United States economy” and said that economic data suggest “ongoing momentum heading into 2019.” He welcomed the increased growth in wages, reported in Friday’s jobs report, and said that it “does not raise concerns about too-high inflation” — a signal to markets that the report is unlikely to accelerate plans for interest rate hikes.
He also said that Fed officials would be “patient” as they watch economic developments play out this year.


m. cook says:

I been thru 2 rate hikes so far. All I know is volatility. I'm kinda gettin use to it. You gotta stay on ya toes and make ya next pick ya best pick.

Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey says:

The stock market is like a Yo-yo! Lucan tell trump hates Powell…. look at that face.

Mr Lee says:

Anybody buy bonds? I've not bought bonds before. Good idea or not? I live in UK so thought goverment bonds maybe best?

George Oommen says:

Nothing has changed basically, other than a classic bear market rally on HOPE!

Robert Taveras says:

Trump is such a temperamental guy that you can't trust him. Everything will be going smoothly and than Pow right in the kisser. Let the market bottom most likely end of this month or February and than get in. I made money this week on calls and put but I lost money being greedy last week. I am gonna sit on cash until we bottom for good.

Matt McCracken says:

Still waiting for a neutral Fed Funds rate, and further reductions in Fed's balance sheet, or more quantitative tightening, before I start buying stocks again.

Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Millionaire says:

This might be a fake rally, I am going to hold and wait too see how things play out

Ricardo Machado says:

Only GM fires 14,000 employees and the fucking shit FED says 312,000 were added? Vicious numbers. they're made us fool of everyone. Capitalism lives from crisis, not interests.

F S says:

Recent market volatility proved one thing for me. Even the financial advisers and price action gurus have no clue what's coming 😀 They are as bad as the weather man on TV. Keep up with the macro shifts folks and believe in good companies.

Bill Schultz says:

I think we have just had too long of a bull run and people are all predicting the next downturn. They are looking for every negative sign out there to prove themselves right. Enough people believe it, they make it a reality. We have problems in the economy, but we always have. I think overall we are fine and the selloffs we have been having are overreactions. But hey, what do I know? We could be at the beginning of the next great recession. Nobody can predict the future. I'll just keep dollar-cost averaging and call it a day.

erick Estrada says:

I'm not buying unless I see red again, I don't trust this fake rallys.

Humbled Trader says:

Sounds like they want to prop up the markets up a little longer so the big boys can get out then…

Ariel Noel says:

Bulls are back in control! The federal reserve, pension funds, and the banks will all save the market and take us towards $300 in SPY in a couple of months!

Sara Willis says:

Asset prices and valuations in the stock market are incredibly high BECAUSE of the fed and now they are stating they are going to slow down hiking interest rates?!

Angel Martino says:

I don't know if it's going to be that easy for the fed to save the markets but we will see. I have shifted my portfolio around into recession proof stocks!

Johnny Will says:

The stock market has been ping ponging back and forth up 2% and down 3% the next day so frustrating to watch our money get played with by the fed cartel and bankers.

Daniel Slavin says:

Which trading view do you use?

Aray Ray says:

When you really think of everything at play right now it doesn’t seem like a stock market it’s a scam market. Everyday big money and algorithms push prices wherever they please.

borgilskye says:

Big boys back next week…will they go or will they stay.

Phil Newins says:

The stock market crashed because of the federal reserve and now they are coming out trying to fix it?! LOL!

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