??? INSANE Futures Trading on NQ – $20k trade!!!

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In this Video I’m going to show you how you can potentially make $20k trading futures like a boss. MUST WATCH?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ey0YYyfrLQ


jgfunk says:

There were certainly some long signals today!

Marcel Vanderwalt says:

The 5 min 8.30 price was 7500 and your 8.30 price was 7600 how is that possible ?

Russell Muir says:

Is this charting only available on Ninja Trader? I'd love to have it on MT4

Q Worldwide says:

Does 5 days theory work on trading currencies?

Radha Bharrat says:

I love this

Ryan Hughes says:

I'm not sure if it was just coincidental but thanks for the profit stop explanation. You're the man!

Ram Kumar says:

Dyno chart

Brian Miller says:

Happy you got that move! Take the day off man you deserve it ??

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