🛑 Ray Dalio Reveals Shocking New Predictions 🛑 2020 Dollar Collapse & Stock Market Crash Pt. 5

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🛑 Ray Dalio Reveals Shocking New Predictions 🛑 2020 Dollar Collapse & Stock Market Crash Pt. 5

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AK Fallible - Financial Entertainment says:

💰Take our free training to learn how to immediately become consistently profitable: https://macro-ops.com/ak-training/

Patrick Rodgers says:

So pretty much buy the dip on Kodak? Long-Term Kodak and Nikola solid portfolio holdings… Oh, of course Workhorse and that sweet sweet 6 billion dollar USPS contract. Heard an inside rumor on this company called Palantir… Too the Moon!

Bryce Liedtke says:

Soooo… Do we still like big daddy Dalio or Naaa.??? Help me out here AK cause I'm not sure anymore… This report seems super legit even with the ties to CCP.. I can't argue with a good visual learner's drawing.. And that debt curve boom-bust drawing was minty!

emseedee says:

A china reserve currency sounds like it wouldnt happen just cause the worlds economic powers are all sour with them. so the new reserve currency is… THE ONE AND ONLY…. bitcoin

G Anderson says:

Looks like we have the same interior decorator. Trend setting is tough in 2020 baby, but you pull it off masterfully. I heard about a fake palm tree that was duct-taped to an art studio wall in Vancouver that went for $5 Mil. I’m thinking AK was the inspiration. Signing up for the course as I have been watching now for a couple months. Great content and well researched. Thank you

Michael Harrison says:

Excellent presentation thanks I reckon that most channels would take an hour or so to cover that much!

Dr. Tetramin Flakes says:

nationalism will decentralized reserve currency to 3 power, America, euro and china

Shane Coble says:

Thanks for the video AK

This video just makes me more interested in holding physical gold. If only to attract me a dragon to protect my house from the CCP !

Happy investing

Pat Google says:

I see the next reserve currency somehow tied to Big Tech, A.I., computer power,… not the RMB 🙂

fuski23 says:

It wont be China, the world is isolating the CCP. Coved-19 stopped that trainsion cold. Before that it was the south china sea issue. I don't know who the next World Reserve Currency (WRC) holder will be. Maybe india, Europe, Brazil, or Africa (Nation in African).

Alvin Yu says:

When everyone calls for crash to get views….lol clickbait mofos

Sukanta Bhattacharya says:

Thank you AK from India 🇮🇳🙏

Jarod Marrington says:

Excellent content, thanks~

That Some Guy JA says:

So what you're saying is…ww3 with china?

Jonathan Knutsen says:

New positions starting tomorrow. Shout out to the Fallible community.

Ivan Gaeta says:

Do you buy precious metals and if so is it in the form of physical metal or ETFs/miners?

Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd says:

Are we in the debt bust part …or the currency printing part of the multi-decade curve?

Saitom Sai says:

Switching world reserve currency status from USA to China ?
Nop my bet is on Bitcoin.

Rostom Rostom says:

u said that dalio is one of smartest people in the world, so why would he invest so much in china if it's not gonna have the next reserve currency?
so I don't think he made that prediction to support his investments ( by influencing people), I think he made those investments because he really belives in his prediction
I hope that makes sense.

Mark Jarvis says:

A Chinese reserve currency would mean we actually have to be able to trust the Chinese! 🤔

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