🛑 Upcoming October Stock Market Crash? 🛑 Stimulus Check Talks Fail? Where Stocks Are Heading

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🛑 Upcoming October Stock Market Crash? 🛑 Stimulus Check Talks Fail? Where Stocks Are Heading

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AK Fallible - Financial Entertainment says:

💰Take our free training to learn how to immediately become consistently profitable: https://macro-ops.com/ak-training/

M-:delfka says:

Everyday i watch ” the market is going to crash. In your channel dude.

Account confirmed says:

Thanks Bud, good commentary, particularly appreciate the breath of your assessment!

David Winfred Marsano Joyce says:

AK question. If liquidity is flush and Macro stats are improving, why are banks tightening their lending standards? Here are a couple of FRED charts I think you might find interesting. I'd really like to get your thoughts on this one.



Take care, God bless.

Alex T says:

THIS! Great video, sick of the divide.

Alex Salvatore says:

great vid AK. Could you make one explaining the negative yield German bonds? I have no idea what's going on and what it means, is Armageddon coming?

Dillon c says:

I don't doubt that macro ops has some good information. I'm curious as to why you use and or trust macro ops information since their information contains a bias/conflict of interest?

Divine says:

I suspect Biden won't cause much change in the stock market outside of the few specific fields where the democrats want to make progress, i.e. energy sustainability and infrastructure. The tax he's putting on those earning over 400k will be enough to fund govt. contracts for major existing market participants.

CarjackSheraq says:

Unstable market make me loss 1k everything look fake bullish

David Diaz says:

I keep it Milton Friedman.

Henry Ford says:

A worrying thought is that the # of people who feel violence is justified is going to be a lot higher than that poll suggests. People lie on questions like that.
I'm up here in Canada. Luckily things have been pretty chill so far.

Shain Haggadone says:

Social media is why this chaos is happening. That's mainstream drama box news too. I'll stay in the Phillipines. 😉

Jean-Paul Faye says:

Nooooo where is the famous kitchen, I miss the old setting 😢

Kevin Schmidt says:

No more bailouts! Make America Affordable Again!

Dr. Tetramin Flakes says:

Ya but you label yourself in everyday and everyway. color of skin, nationalism, age etc, value investment personality trait vs growth investors is also expand to an age and even nationalistic limitation. those who travel vs those who don't, those who serve in military vs those who hate war and military industrial complex. if the goal of making money is investing, your nature and nurture will shape your view.
the thing is free market is competition, without any rule of law, anything goes. restrict that and it's a type of social interference label socialism. The degree of interference is an ideology each country function….yak yak yak. point is BALANCE. any country found a equilibrium to function a tug between 2 extreme. so what is this we are going through? a balance change. from globalism to nationalism, from manual to technological, centralization to decentralization. the fight for a SMALLER PIE. The age old question is here to be answer now. What to do with people when the machine replace their job. what is the current employment rate 56% in a capitalism vs socialism world? answer wrong and you get a CIVIL WAR.

Shane Coble says:

Thanks for the video AK

Excellent update as always. I am a Bull, Bull, Bull.

Happy investing

farhanur miah says:

Your "wife " must at the edge of her seat with these kind of market crash videos 🤣.

Phil B says:

I come for a good stock video and get a good life lesson video.

john john says:

I agree with the inability to civilly discuss anything. I deleted my facebook last week until after the election because I got into a heated argument where, when I looked at it objectively after the fact, both of us were idiots. I can only control myself and therefor I just wanted to step back so I didn't become what I was beginning to despise. Not saying I got it right but I sure as hell am not going to let myself become a toxic mouthpiece for any person or group. I think social media is a big part of it and to though I am not religious I think Matthew 5:30 aptly describes my opinion here "And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell."

Randy Timmer says:

God damn slappies! Yeah they both think it's justified violence because both sides are doing it. Fight fire with fire 🔥🤦🏼‍♂️

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