05 Intro To Stocks – Tools for Trading

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www.TradeAcademy.in Lesson 5: TradeAcademy loves you! So we have compiled a list of resources every trader should use to pack his arsenal with the latest tools of trade. Here you will find how to choose a broker, recommended websites, recommended books and much more.

Visit: https://tradeacademy.in/courses/ for the full course


Rebel Spirit says:

Thank you for great piece of Trivia and making our vision more clear and confident.

Radheshyam Kadam says:


K.naveen Chowdary says:

Great job sir.
very good information.
just wanted to know are you going to deal with derivatives too???

Farid Khan says:

gr8 job
i have 3 account with rksv/upstox

Vikram Mojawat says:

Good job guys, also Do Discount brokers provide leverage funding ?

Shailendra Singh says:

"you just need an average computer"

reaches out to macbook


honey says:

how much does online trading games help beginners to learn? if so which one is better? and how much time does it take for order execution when comparing online and offline brokers?

sarfaraz rupani says:

@tradeacademy: you guys are good, could do videos on equity valuation, trend and volume analysis, etc.

Kamini Singh says:

good job… (y)

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