1 Min Chart – 10 Min Expiry, Easy Strategy, Description For More Info – 85-95%

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*Trade responsibly, I do not accept any liability for any loss of funds deposited. Screenshots do not guarantee results, future results may vary from previous results


Martins West says:

Hello fellow traders,have you been loosing money to binary option trading?do you feel like giving up?I see no need for that because I was once frustrated like some of you are here in binary option trading but everything turned around for me when I met Mr Snapes,he made me who I am today in the world of binary option trading,without him I wouldn't turn out to be this big in the world of binary option trading thanks to him now I can earn and win at least some meaningful amount in less than a week($10,000).Feel free to write my mentor at Freddysnapes@gmail.com for assistance.

Richard Wilson says:

looking to join but I am in the united states. how can I use your signals?

Jacob Rodriguez says:

you guys are going to rip ur hair out of ur head trading these times frames lol..how quick to you have to be to execute these trades Jesus. .. daily charts.. nice and easy slow with major gains..owell i guess if it works for you guys…

Marty Nav says:

Are you trading off of a 1 minute or 10 minute chart?

Toma Ishikawa says:

This guy is awesome!!

abbas khan says:

Just great Illyious love to learn from your fabulous videos . God bless my friend helping traders make good money .

Samuda Sanders says:

i had been trading Binary option for about 2 years now and Forex for about 3 years. I had tested a lot of strategies, VDUBUS strategies are very good. The issue is greed and emotions while trading. Try to learn the candle stick patterns with this strategy you will be successful.

Godwin Goldman says:

God bless you

Marc Barling says:

i find every indicator /trading system /strategy all look like the holy grail in back testing.i have tried well over 20 so called best ever system they all work but no where near what it looks like in back testing ,back testing you can make it fit what ever you want ? and if u have re painting arrows then all the losing arrows disappear .not saying this dont work but just be aware that trading live is not the same as looking back at set ups in the past

robert mckenzie says:

Hi Illyious
The scripts you mention (VDUB & LAZYBEAR that I've tried to copy onto Trading view charts keep coming back saying there are parts of the scripts missing from the coding and won't save to charts .
What would you suggest please

Adam Potter says:

Although I'm not in the trading group Illyious recommends, I just want to say that with my experience this strategy works. As long as you're patient and wait for everything to correlate in regards to the RSI and the signals, it works. I've done 11 trades in total using this, and only one of them was OTM, and that was only because I didn't stick to the strategy shown here. Thanks Illy!

Marc Barling says:

when u was doing your numbers of how much u can make per month i think you have forgot you don't trade on weekends ?so x30? more like x20.looks great in backtesting like most other things i have tried but to be honest this will not hit 85%itm rate but even if you get 65% itm still making money so i say try it out on demo and if it works 4 u go 4 it me i like the macd to trade with the best but rsi is a great indicator as well good on u for doing this vid i will look out for other videos cheers

Pip Baxter says:

Hi Illyious. I see on the TradingView charts with the Vdub installed that there are many candles with red arrows at the top of the candle and a green arrow at the bottom of the same candle? why is this and what do we do? thanks

heyjude2109 says:

Good morning Illyious! Is it the same 1 minute Vdub strategy for 15 minutes trade? And using Stochastic RSI is it different from RSI?

Marvin Ratchford says:

trade, profit@80%, profit *4=day, total for week (profit *5),value for following week @10%
20,16 prft, 64/day, 320/wk, 32 nxt_wk_2 start
32, 25 prft,100/day ,500/wk, 50 nxt_wk_3 start
50, 40 prft, 160/day, 800/wk, 80 nxt_wk_4 start
80, 64 prft, 256/day, 1280/wk, 128 nxt_wk_5 start
128, 102 prft, 408/day, 2040/wk, 204 nxt_wk_6 start
204, 163 prft, 652/day, 3260/wk, 326 nxt_wk_7 start
326, 260 prft, 1040/day, 5200/wk, 520 nxt_wk_8 start
520, 416 prft, 1664/day, 8320/wk, 832 nxt_wk_9 start
832, 665 prft, 2660/day, 13300/wk, 1330 nxt_wk_10 start
1330, 1064 prft, 4256/day, 21280/wk, 2128 nxt_wk_11 start…
the happy ending of 1.4 million a week… in just 5 months starting with 20! THANK YOU:
91,340, 73,072 prft, 292,288/day, 1,461,440/wk, 146,144/trade for start of week 20!
i cannot thank you enough sir for this simple way to live 😉 😉 😉

Sungazing says:

VERY VERY GOOD video my first DAY 7 itms no lose, one question Illyious Parsons
i read all the comment u advice a guy long expiration but could u be told me a real expiaration u take , i was thinking M5 expi 30 mins or plus , but if here some guy do it already just share , very nice technic , 6 month i try to make it happens , and now just with and RSI and and Alert i m happy , that is the secret KEEP IT SIMPLE , with good money management all will be fine here a pic of a nice MM if u want https://www.screencast.com/t/VXaA8q3JcCSo, i like to help like Illyious Parsons , when i can , BIG BIG THKS Illyious Parsons

Ricardo Atanoso says:

Hello sir, is it possible to use a 5min trade for this strategy?

Samantha Fretwell says:

I'm not here to just hate but I hate to see videos like this and the whole youtube channel videos waste peoples time like mine has been wasted, firstly a while ago I seen illyious parsons video a while ago claiming 95% strategy using Vdubs arrow strategy that you should do at low volitility which apparently can make you atleast 200-300 a night with small investment, I did for 3 nights and just broke even in profit the win to Loss ratio was between 40% and 55% so you might as well blindly trade to get these results. And the other videos on here like this one claiming that you can have 80% plus success using the oversold rsi is completely full of shit. If you think I'm lying please just back test these strategies by yourself and see for you self I don't want anyone's time to be wasted like mine has. Every single video on this channel provides no more then 55% itm success please stop with these shitty strategies and actually upload something that actually has the itm ratio like you quote in the title.

Desmond Mabesele says:

Can you create signals alerts based on this strategy? Obviously this is a highly profitable strategy and I would n't want to miss trades

Muzaffar Hashmi says:

what is the best time to trade this strategy, I am GMT5+

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