1 min time frame, 104 pips profit in 2.5 hours

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todd smith says:

hello…do u still trade  :)

Traders Friend says:

Bless you my Friend we have all been there, it is the fear of losses, but that fear also robs big gains and blocks wealth. What I did one day was to promise myself that I would trade my rules consistently no matter what happened. Take it one trade at a time, but commit to do it your first day because it takes courage to ride a good trade out. Please go to my playlist and look at the two part forex step trading strategy videos and see if that bring any clarity. All in all, it is practice

BigKarwat says:

i started to trade using your methode, and I find it quite interesting. I'm just a beginner, but I tried many EA and indicators, and non of them a really working. I have just one problem when I trade: when I have for example 20 USD profit i lose nerves and close all trades. After few minutes I see that i could take 20 more, but this moment is lost. Can you give me any advice??

Traders Friend says:

I am not familiar with them, but I will check them out, thanks for sharing (^_^)!

michael crawford says:


Traders Friend says:

@mcraw0144 That is a great idea. Thank You dearest Friend, You are always so good to me. The advantage come with the time and the set-up. I hope You watch the video 'keeping your risk small' that I have attached to this one. Also on the blog and in my FB links, I put that website that shows you the times that your pairs are the most active. I am so proud of you by the way. The name Persistence fits You to a 'T'

michael crawford says:

You got to be quick to trade the one minute chart, so I will most likely trade the demo first before trading the one min live. Love those pips though 🙂

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