1 min time frame trade

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Traders Friend says:

@TempleBespokeSuits Thanks for the question. I think the powers that be whip saw traders like that to discourage them from entering really good trades. I spend time waiting for what looks like an advantageous set-up, but at times I miss it and in those times I cut. Some mornings I cut 5/6 bad trades, but when I find the right one, it more than makes up for those mis-steps. Thanks again!

Temple Bespoke says:

And what about all the false crossovers? I like MA's but the truth is, they produce so many false signals. Your feedback would be great?

Traders Friend says:

@AM2M lol, You know how much I have miscounted at the bank, I guess it is better that I am a trader than a banker, because if I was a banker, they would probably have canned me by now (^_^)…lol

I find the same challenge, but there are some good videos here. You just have to be willing to search them out, but You are right, the good ones are few and far between. I have some good ones in my favs, if You are ever interested. Have a super day (^_^)

Traders Friend says:

@007380 That is the thing about the market, they are always changing things to keep you from being too consistent with your profits. The things that more than doubled my account in June got me killed in July, so I took the rest of the month off to bum around. I am so with you on the trending market, they are by far the easiest to trade, but I don't think I am ever going to trade anything higher than the 1 min again. The profit is just too consistent with the right trade set-up

Traders Friend says:

@mcraw0144 Thanks Persistence. The winners circle is waiting for you. You may want to study Your past 1 min charts and I think You will be surprised at how much profit it can yield if You wait for the right set-ups (^_^)

Traders Friend says:

@Bink1 I was going to write You to check on You and youtube said that Your channel was not available so I thought You were gone. Good to hear from You and thanks for Your kindness

Roger Smith says:

The last couple of days have been a tough market to trade. I'm ready for the markets to start trending again.

michael crawford says:

Good job! Almost ready for the winners circle. Just need to cut down on these setbacks, lol.

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