10/30/17. Post Market Wrap Up: More Demerits For Me After This One!

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the critico alternative libertarian media says:

hi, mannarino could you tell me what platform or stock broker you use? there are many but i dont trust half

the critico alternative libertarian media says:

i think the dólar is gainning strenght

singlecellorganism13 says:

Friends of Mannarino: do I have this right? money moves out of BND and into stock market, and vice versa (loosely … not as a rule), but that is what Greg means right?

modern day hippie says:

Greg, if u are talking about being flagged by youtube it was most likely a censorship bot! If u disagree with the decision u can request youtube have a real person watch it and explain why it is flagged.. 99% of the time they will unflag u. Stay on top of this so ur videos don't disappear and u don't loose ur good post positions. Fight censorship!

TrueGritProductions says:

No doubt you're a smart guy, but very condescending and it's not a strength to constantly check your phone all day for stock prices. It is an obsession, and when you are on your death bed, you're going to look back and wonder why having millions of dollars was important if you could not enjoy them and had to run yourself into the ground in order to increase your millions by a few more.

Richard Bridle says:

Money is not everything Greg… What about you spiritual side?


truth is offensive

Charles Wilson says:

Greg, Spread your conversation in between your full all out speak about the market, economy etc etc. Mention something about the whether, new movies out there etc. That way they have no reason to put you down. Know what I mean.

r tg says:

Silver is up a penny. Note to new investors……..do not waste your time.Fucking joke. New kid in town.

Broker Brewer says:

Greg you sound like Jeffrey Gundlach who said In order to follow the market you have to read every article and work a lot to get every nuance of the market.

D Marshall says:

Greg, love your passion, dedication, and great sense of humor. You do great work that benefits a lot of people, and amazingly ask nothing back except for a thumbs up. I for one truly appreciate all you do. Thanks so much and I will thumbs you up until there's nothing left but bone on my finger!

H R says:

The flak is heaviest when you are over the target.

mark idaho says:

Thanks Greg

Thomas Malthaus says:

Perhaps YouTube thinks you have to be a certified financial planner before they lay off.

The again, some people cringe when you mention gold, silver,m and being your own central bank.

Cut it out, Greg!

Roy Lamkin says:

Great life tips too!

DJ Stark says:

My favorite movies are wall street and boiler room.

Rhonda Richardson says:

Gregory, would you consider the value of a chart we visual learners can better relate to?
Would you consider the value of devising a daily updating matrix/chart we right-brained, visually wired learners could more effectively relate to?  A map of sorts correlating the current vagueries of the asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash, precious metals, cryptocurriencies, etc.) as they individually correlate to their counterpart’s current status.
I realize this is an outlandishly presumptuous request, but I dared to submit it because you, Gregory Mannarino, are so authentically generous providing the insight that might help us succeed inspite of ourselves.  Please let me know if there’s any way I could assist you, insofar as I’m able.
We want to be protégés who do you proud!

Switchblade Minerva says:

Gregory, I know you are watching the inverted Yield Curve in China, tomorrow is Samhain Gregory. You are offensive to youtube because of the power with which you speak the truth as you know it. Gregory, you are good because you are driven to be the absolute master of your area of knowledge.

Tony Blaylock says:

o.k. talked me into another thumbs up. moves you up on youtube

Paul Petersen says:


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