10% Bitcoin Dump on Christmas!? Really?

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Grace Scottie says:

Contact johnhackhit@gmail.com for your Bitcoin doubler and mining so you can enjoy this Christmas he is real and legit with mining without some hours you will receive your btc

Mister A says:

Okay Im going to help you Sunny, do some research on ripple and patent in 1988 ,, also ask why is XRP the fastest and cheapest ,, think who really leaked bitcoin and why, they also waited to add there fast cheap coin 5 years later .. think why is ripple thew only crypto head @ the last 7 world G summits, ask why is ripple talking to Banks .. you been played .. get XRP and outplay the game

Crowquills Crowquillz says:

All altcoins, forks and airdrops are created to dillute bitcoin and to identify your bitcoins.

Christoph EGGER says:

Forgett these people. Not worth mentioning. They want to believe in their system and they will even if it takes their live. Cause if theyd be wrong it would mean all their beleivesystem in the dollar, fed, co2 reduction, their credit FAKE bullshit would mean their hole live is a lie and to admit that….

David Johnson says:

If you don't like XRP don't fud it. I'll never listen to you again

2phil4u says:

I watched it today, after a dump allways a very fast pump.
Also some bullish diverg come into play
But the value itself is extreme weak, small Chance to moon and big Chance to fail.
But what Do you expect from an asset with no i herit value.
I read that most traders lรถst But why?
Since 20k it was an easy short, Only emotional biased people could think bullish
AT 3k Maybe a change But before?.
I watched it alone the divergencies were enouph.
Then of course whales try to Support.
Bitcoin is Just a weak Nerd asset, it will not grow parqb Like it did.
And there is a big Chance it is Not wanted by gov etc.
And with reason, it is anonymous and Just to good for tax non players, drug dealer etc.
Just to many unhpnest moneboys try to stabile and the normal guy follow them Lose.
I really Saw videos with saying Wallstreet dont understand proof of work.
Man, they Know all, they are smart

Mister A says:

Dude you just wrong each time . take it easy im out bye bro

Crowquills Crowquillz says:

XRP shows your the level of stupidity of the human species. XRP is a token used to FUND their operation. The banks will not be using this token (even ripple admits this); each bank will have its own token on the ripple network (and it will be very stable and completely untied to XRP). That is the point of ripple. XRP is just the means for ripple to make money off all THE SUCKERS WHO BUY SHIT WITHOUT KNOWNING WTF THEY ARE BUYING!!!!!!!!! XRP IS A SCAM.

KarmaKazi says:

This is the kind of assholes we are dealing with. Dumping on Xmas Day! More sharks than whales. More appropriately, P'soS.

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

newbs newbs and newbs just year end fund balencing

middltej says:

If XRP gets declared a security, +50% risk, I expect its value to crash to near zero. Bitcoin is a much lower risk….

Dreaming Life says:

January-February mega dump coming!

Crowquills Crowquillz says:

On Christmas,…. the jews I mean the banksters are cashing in on their plan. This was planned a long time ago. They missed the boat on bitcoin, now they going all in. They also manufactured the fork on Nov to get to this point.

Zoran Jovic says:

Bunny decree

Irvin Mendoza says:

Told you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kumar TR says:

Hi Sunny, do you always use stoploss? In Binance it always hits

Vanilla WoW says:

Woah, cool!

makelifesimple says:

thanks, love the videos! your one of the best !
merry christmas!

Eyes of the World says:

Bitcoin is not a safe asset! Not even a real company with a customer service number

Natural Law says:

Pretty simple. Tax loss selling… it's end of the year during the year that ATH were attained and with most coins down >80% it makes sense a big whale who got in at beginning of the year would sell for tax purposes and then buy back at a lower price in new year.

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