10 Lessons From My Latest $100,000+ Profit Student

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Read http://tim.ly/sykesanother to see the tips given to us by my http://tim.ly/sykesmc student Roland who has now turned $4,000 into $133,000 in just 6 months, PAY ATTENTION TO THESE LESSONS AS THEY ARE SO USEFUL!


Xonnett says:

I get it… Thanks for the lessons Tim. It's a life long marathon, not a sprint. "The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken," Warren Buffet.

JAvY0108 says:

Always Learning!!!

Jackson Schrenk says:

I get it! no lie 🙂

Martin Luke Shih says:

I get it. Keep the videos coming, I just started reading your book An American Hedge Fund. Great read!

alternity28 says:

I Get It!

And congrats to Roland in putting in the due diligence and earning over $100K in profits. Well done! 😀

JustMeDee says:

Congrats Roland!

JustMeDee says:


Travis Sandidge says:

No bays off!!!

Ritesh Verma says:

I understand as a 16 year old who has been studying and paper trading for 1.5 years. Crazy how much learning there is. I am glad I am starting trading with real money now, the lessons are invaluable!!m

Joshua Katumba says:

i get it…tim u r awesome

Tobyh073 says:

is e trade available in the uk? if not do you think it ever will be and also is there any better brokers.

Zouhair AitOukhrib says:

I get it man

Zouhair AitOukhrib says:

thanks tim for theses clarifications
ur the best

Panghoua Yang-Yip says:

I get it! Thanks Roland for the lesson. Congrats!

Oscar Polanco says:

hey Tim, I'm interested in starting to trade into the stock market. can u email me all info on how to be successful polanco15@yahoo.com I got into ameritrade but I have no clue what I'm doing I put 50 bucks in Idk where it all went. hope to hear from u soon.

Fabian Baez says:

I get it. Congrats Roland.

Dan Thompson says:

I get it. More importantly, I believe in it and your teaching abilities.

Congrats Roland!!

Sawyer Pilonieta says:

I've been inspired to start trading

Jack Kellogg says:

damn Tim you got me really excited. I thought it was the interview.

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