10 Signs Of The Collapse! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH!

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10 Things That Will Happen After The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH!

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Are you prepared for the Coming Economic Collapse and the Next Great Depression? The economic forecast for 2017 is more than bleak, and there is more than enough economic data out there to show there could be an economic collapse and stock market crash in 2017.

The following are 10 signs that the economic collapse and stock market crash that the experts have been warning about is now here…

#1 According to Challenger, the number of job cuts in May was 71 percent higher than it was in May 2016.
#2 We just witnessed the third worst drop in U.S. construction spending in the last six years.
#3 U.S. manufacturing PMI fell to an 8 month low in May.
#4 Financial stocks have lost all of their gains for the year, and some analysts are saying that this is “a terrible sign”.
#5 One new survey has found that 39 percent of all millionaires “plan to avoid investing in the coming month”.  That is the highest that figure has been since December 2013.
#6 After an initial bump after Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, U.S. consumer confidence is starting to fall.
#7 Since Memorial Day, Radio Shack has officially shut down more than 1,000 stores.
#8 Payless has just increased the number of stores that it plans to close to about 800.
#9 According to the Los Angeles Times, it is being projected that 25 percent of all shopping malls in the United States may close within the next five years.
#10 Over the past 12 months, the number of homeless people living in Los Angeles County has risen by a  staggering 23 percent.

The economic collapse is imminent . The second financial bubble is going to soon burst, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The Federal Reserve has set up the American economy for financial collapse for printing trillions of dollars back in 2008 and 2009.

“The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious economic crisis and stock market crash at some point in our future,” Going so far as to intimate the financial collapse and market crash will occur at least some time in the next two years, “It’s unavoidable, and even Donald Trump can’t stop it.”
Top economists predict that within the next 18-24 months, the imminent economic collapse will happen. The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious financial crisis, economic collapse and stock market crash….


Last man on earth says:

So many people are overly critical of this channel as being fear mongers , my Dad and Mom lived through "The Great Depression". They were both kids and they both starved during those desperate times, both of my parents made the same exact statement, "if you ever live through something like this, you'll never forget it". And I assure you that they NEVER did! Nor did I forget the stories they told me about what they lived through, it's easy to be critical about the mechanics of this economy. But, I must tell you that to this very day, I NEVER waste food, it's as if my Dad is standing over my shoulder reminding me of what he went through. No one should scoff at something that they've never experienced, especially a "financial catastrophe"………

Sam Gaillard says:

Yeah…but guys…this time its different…this time we have "The Economist" telling us this is going to happen. And one thing w the global elitist..tjey have some kind of law amongst theirselves where they have to tell the public what they are going to do before they do it..they usually do this by "hiding the truth in plain sight"…or telling us in such a way thay they make a joke out of it..and make it so if you believe what they are actually telling us, and try to tell others…well then youre labeled as "crazy"…well with this..they are telling us right out in the open…plainly and clearly..so no one can claim that no one told us

Morehu Morehu says:

Financial BUBBLES by any other NAME is what it is…. FART in the WIND.

Black Ice says:

Still lying to the people

windsofwaste says:

Fuck you and that orange ape

veritasfiles says:

The problem is that you don't provide a reason for us to think that any one of the 10 items or all of them taken together mean anything in particular regarding collapse. You can cite negative facts and even record negative facts every sing year, but that doesn't mean that collapse is imminent. We'll see though. I suspect that this is just more of the same stuff said over and over and over again. I believe that the economy will collapse, but I don't believe this content adds anything to my knowledge regarding the why or when of it.

Alphanzy Kingz says:


Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior says:

Fear Jesus Christ for he coming  back soon.

Alpha Report says:

Great analysis..I just did a bitcoin video….anything that can keep us out of the system is a good thing

Memento Mori says:

Kill the Khazars, kill the "Federal" Reserve banking system!

Shayne Hawkins says:

It's always about our life force energy. Which is in the body making it aware.

Sissy Pissy says:

stfu… most of you wannabe woodsmann don't know shit about survival… 99.99% wouldn't know how to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

John Gohde says:

Nothing will matter but tangible goods. Food, tools, clothes and shelter, guns, water, etc. Gold won't matter and more than cash. Once the economy starts to come back enough that we need a currency as well as barter, gold may start to matter. But during the "real" crisis, it won't.

ThanatosXR says:

Way too much money not moving around in the economy, too much propping the market up raugher then creating new products assets.

gallego c says:

I was in Mexico in 1982 when the peso went from 7 peso per dollar to 3000 pesos in 4 years and the people who suffer were the cash holders.

Niall Mackenzie says:

Big smelly poops, when a gold fish swims near the surface of the water the ripples lasts only seconds

Jason Pacheco says:

are these real articles? one was written by "Tyler Durden" who was a character played by Brad Pitt in the movie fight club. it even had a picture of Brad Pitt by the name! how am I supposed to take this video serioisly

WaxFace Network says:

stores and malls closing? just based on internet sales and has nothing to do with "imminent collapse". The lease of a storefront in a mall is really high, how are they supposed to compete with internet suppliers?

azi a 786 says:

When a war is on the government's actually make billions in the arms industry

Phil the Stalker says:

You rich people with "portfolios" and worrying about "losing" it when the POOR folks DIE in the DEPRESSION that YOU created, and always SCHEMING WEASELS listening to "this" guy ARE THE PROBLEM! You want to play GAMES with GAINS with your money on Wall Street. You want to send jobs out of the country, see plants close, see grown men cry, divorces, suicides, AND WATCH YOUR STOCKS GROW!
Factory workers, too, have "portfolios" – the bad ones do – and their "friends" – who can't see their Ford plant closing, who are walking into the plant with a Wall Street Journal under their arms ARE THE PROBLEM. And they're the CROOKED HEADS OF THE STINKING UNION!
All that money you don't work for, you're all worried about. But worse YOU ALL WANT TO WATCH IT GROW IN A "DEPRESSION". Alright. Keep scheming.
When it all comes down – and it will – I'm telling you what will happen to you ALL that he's not telling you.
You are going to have a gun put up to your head, the hair on the back of your neck will stand up, and they will pull the trigger. That's called civil war.
Enjoy your time while you still can – with your families. They're going to miss you – if they survive.

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